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Adventure Holidays and Summer Camps 2014

Exclusive PGL offer for Groupon Customers 

Thank you for your interest in our Groupon offer! Below you'll find a step-by-step guide on how to claim and book your holiday.

Step 1: You've purchased your Groupon voucher!

Step 2: Complete the Online Booking Form

1. After your voucher has been sent to you by Groupon, simply use the search box on the left hand side of this page to search for the holiday you would like to book. 

Using the search box is easy, simply select child age(s)*, select ‘Multi Activity’ in the ‘All Holidays’ box and enter your preferred date and centre (your Groupon voucher is only valid for the 7 night Multi Activity holidays advertised on the Groupon offer, all valid dates and locations are shown here).

2.Add the holiday(s) you want to your basket and select the number of children you are booking for in the drop down age group menus.

When you have completed adding children and holidays to your basket, select ‘checkout now’

There may be existing online discount prices on the holiday(s) you have selected but this will not affect your Groupon deal – please continue with your booking and follow these steps correctly and the cost of the holiday will be adjusted.

The next page will now show a box called 'offer code', here you will need to enter the special PGL Groupon code shown on your voucher (this will begin GRP). Enter this code and click ‘validate’. You will now see that a 100% discount has been applied to any valid holidays.

4. You will then see an additional box pop up within your basket and a supporting pink ‘help’ message that prompts you to enter your ‘Groupon code’. Please now enter the Groupon Security Code shown on your Groupon voucher here and click the green ‘plus’ button.

You will need to enter a different Security Code for each Groupon deal place you are booking. If you make an error you can delete each code and start again for each holiday using the red ‘minus’ buttons.

5. Once this has been accepted, click Checkout Now.

6. You will next be asked to register on the PGL website, and be taken through adding your details, and the details of the children travelling.

7. The insurance is automatically selected for you as it is included for this Groupon deal.

8. You’ll also be given the option to book optional extras such as excursions, bedding or a camp kit which includes useful items for the holiday.

9. You’ll be asked to make payment of any optional extras, and once you have made your payment you will receive a confirmation by e-mail that your payment has been accepted.

10. Your booking is then complete, subject to a final confirmation – see step 3 below.

Step 3: Email confirmation

All bookings will then be checked by the Holidays Customer Service Team at PGL Head Office. You will receive two emails from us; the first one will be an automated email following completion of steps 1 and 2 to say your booking has been made and the second email will be sent within 72 hours to confirm that your Groupon Security Code has been checked and verified.We'd appreciate if you didn't call us to check on the progress of your booking as extra phone calls may cause delays.

Thank you for booking a PGL Adventure Holiday!