boreatton park
Indiana Jones

Come on this holiday if you are bold, brave and ready for a few surprises!

What’s it all about?
Lord Charles Hunt collected many treasures during his lifetime and recorded them all in great detail in his diary. Mysteriously, when he died, his most prized and valuable treasure, the Pharaoh’s Pyramid Puzzle, could not be found and is still missing today.

Why do we need to find the pyramid?
Mysterious inscriptions found in the Pharaoh’s tomb told of magical forces locked deep within the Pyramid Puzzle.

Beware, because if the puzzle ever falls into the hands of the followers of Ghoulah, the inscriptions warn of impending doom! In order to prevent this, pieces of the Pyramid have been scattered around the Boreatton Park Estate where they have lain hidden for nearly 150 years.

However, the inscriptions warned that after 150 years the followers of Ghoulah would return to look for the Pyramid. It must not be allowed to fall into their hands, which is where you come in...

What will we have to do?
We can’t reveal the location of the clues as the followers may get to them before you, so you will have to be ready for anything. You will need to use the zip wire to escape; canoe across the crocodile infested waters of Boreatton Lake; abseil down the tower to reach a clue, as well as many other challenges. You will also prove your skills as an intrepid explorer by spending a day at Alton Towers. Come on this holiday if you are bold, brave and ready for a few surprises!

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Every day is different
As well as themed activities there may be some suprises in store...
We offer over 50 different activities across all our centres and we pack in as many as possible on every PGL Adventure Holiday. Please note that not all activities are available at all centres; please see the specific centre pages for more information.

Evening activities
The fun doesn’t stop there! We also include fun-packed evening entertainment programmes at all our centres, every day, all year round, whichever holiday you choose.

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Boreatton Park has everything you might need including our brilliant sports/activity hall with its superb climbing wall. We’ve also got a football pitch, a purpose-built dining room and the ‘Mini Moose’ lounge. Our 240 acres of grounds include a river, three lakes and a 37ft sandstone cliff for abseiling. There are also five zip wires (including one across a lake), abseil towers, a high ropes course, Jacobs’ Ladders, five quad bike tracks, six giant swings and more.

A typical itinerary for this holiday

Sample day on Indiana Jones
Schedule Activity
Breakfast Off to the dining room with the rest of your group to fuel up for the day, you’ll need plenty of energy to keep you going. Breakfast includes cereals, toast, yogurts, porridge, and cooked breakfast – you choose!
Don’t forget to refill your drinks bottle before you head off to your first activity
Morning Activities Indiana Jones themed activities
Lunch Worked up an appetite? Great – it’s time to replenish your energy stores with the dining room. If you have energy to spare after lunch your Group Leader will always be ready for a quick kickabout with a ball or you could relax and chat with your new friends.
Afternoon Activities Indiana Jones themed activities
Dinner Time to eat again – a different menu each day (and did we mention, often evening meals come with a hot pudding too – or you can stick with fruit if you prefer).
Evening Ents Talent shows, campfires, quizzes and much more – your evening entertainment programme gives you the chance to get together with everyone else in your age group and have some laughs.
Bedtime Bedtime. The younger ones go first whilst older groups have time to chill out and chat or watch a DVD. Then it’s lights out and time to sleep ready to do it all over again tomorrow!

Please note this is a sample itinerary for illustrative purposes only. Itineraries will be planned by the centre shortly before your arrival.


The mansion house was built in 1857 and is a rare ‘calendar’ house with four main doors, 12 chimneys and 365 windows. There are two floors of dorms with 8–16 beds per room and toilets/showers nearby. This is usually where the 7–10s, and some 10-13s stay.

The ‘Tall Timbers’ Lodges in the grounds have mainly four or six beds in a room with en-suite showers/toilets. These are normally for 10–13s and 13–16s. The 13–16s will also have their own chill out room.

Tents - Our tents stand on hard, ‘all weather’ bases and each has four proper beds. All the tents are grouped together in their own area of the site which has its own shower and toilet block. 

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