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Target teamwork on a specialist weekend with PGL

Combine adventure with your chosen sport and it’ll be a thrilling weekend that your sports club will love. It’s an inspiring way to improve team dynamics, build effective communication and improve fitness.

Each adventure activity will complement your sports training programme to help give your team the competitive edge! Our lively entertainment sessions will also help strengthen relationships further as they take part in teambuilding activities well into the evenings - it’s an active weekend that’s sure to motivate your team.

Our sports weekends are available throughout the year at a number of our UK centres. In addition to our dedicated sports spaces, we’ve also got some excellent facilities for you and your group to use during your stay and plenty of great food to fuel them up for a busy weekend of sports and adventure.

Our centre team will ensure you and your club have everything you need during your stay, so relax, and leave all the hard work to us!

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