Ski forms

Ski Leader Guide

Please download your forms here

So that we can make final arrangements for your forthcoming ski tour, we would be grateful if you could complete and return the following forms as soon as possible.

For single and double coach groups we require separate nominal roles with the list of passengers that will be travelling on each coach, therefore please download and complete the appropriate coach forms.

Each form is on a separate tab - just click on the tab and fill in the details!

Helpful hints

You should complete these forms in full and in order, because much of the information from the first tabs (e.g. pupils' names and ages) will automatically pull through to subsequent pages, saving you from filling in the same details on multiple sheets.

Tab 1 - information request

For your convenience, we have provided this sheet for you to copy and send to parents. This has been provided to help you obtain the correct information to complete these forms but should not be returned to PGL.

Tab 2 - final confirmation

This form covers the final party composition and requirements.

Tab 3 - nominal roll

This breaks down the final party composition; it shows each individual travelling and includes important information for ski hire and ski lessons. All sections must be completed for every passenger, including adults. Incomplete forms will be returned. For groups of more than one coach, we need a separate list of passengers for each coach.

Tab 4 - dietary/medical requirements

Please include full details of any serious allergies / medical conditions. We will ensure this information is passed to relevant staff and suppliers (coach company/hotel/rep etc).

Tab 6 - lift pass application letter

In order to obtain your lift passes we need a complete list of party members, along with the dates of birth of all students travelling. If the nominal role is fully completed the details will automatically pull through, all you need to do is copy your school logo into the top of the document.

Tab 7 - conversion chart

We have added a conversion chart to the forms so you can easily convert measurements in stones to kg's and height in feet to CMS.

When you have finished

Please save the spreadsheet to your own computer and email it to your tour organiser, unfortunately we cannot accept paper copies or your own version of these forms.

It is vital that we receive all information 14 weeks prior to the departure to allow us to check all details and help us to ensure we make the best possible arrangements for your group in resort.
The information is also required to enable us to prepare the final invoice for your tour.

Hopefully the forms will prove simple, straightforward and time-saving but should you experience any problems please contact us on 0333 321 2143