Support and benefits for party leaders

Teacher Guide

A more personal service with PGL

Thousands of schools entrust their trips to us every year. Last year approximately a quarter of a million passengers travelled with PGL. Relax and allow us to give you the benefit of our experience, and support you for your school trip!

Supporting you before you travel

During the booking process you will be assigned a head office contact, who is responsible for the co-ordination of your trip from planning to completion, providing consistency and a supportive working relationship.

Promoting your trip and holding parents evenings

With your provisional booking we will provide a party leader pack. The pack includes a wealth of useful information:

  • A booking guide to help you through each stage of the planning process
  • PGL Posters to advertise your trip on your school noticeboards
  • For some courses there is a DVD available
  • Record of payment cards
  • Centre/Hotel and excursion information

You will also be emailed a link to MyPGL, your online resource where you can view details of your booking as it progresses. You will also have access to useful resources which will help you promote the trip to your students and their parents, including:

  • Promotional videos
  • Virtual tours of several PGL centres
  • PowerPoint presentation templates
  • Information sheets for parents 
  • Posters to advertise the trip in school (these will also be posted to you)

In addition you’ll find insurance documents, risk assessments, safety information, kit lists and other information to help you organise a successful trip.

Supporting you on centre

When you arrive at your chosen centre you will be met by your PGL 'Groupie' - a member of the centre team dedicated to you and your group for the duration of your stay. They are the main contact between you and your group, the centre management, the instructors and the catering team. They assist with the smooth running of your course, offering the flexibility to support you as you prefer.

Every centre has an experienced and professional centre manager who is in charge of operations and has overall responsibility for the success of your course and the performance of the centre team.

All our instructors are specifically trained for our programmes to ensure the delivery of safe and rewarding sessions. We welcome teachers to observe all activity sessions and participate where possible. For some activities our instructors will require your assistance with non-technical elements, such as supervising pupils who are waiting their turn and providing encouragement where needed

Study course representatives
For some study courses a representative is also included in your tour price, providing invaluable support and assistance in delivering your chosen study modules.

 Details on how PGL staff are recruited and trained are in the About Us area of our website.

Supporting you in resort

Ski representatives
Your PGL ski representative provides support and assistance to you, your staff and your group throughout your stay. They liaise with the ski school, the lift pass company, hoteliers and other providers, to ensure the smooth running of your trip. They also arrange and advise on evening activities available in your resort, and run a free in-house entertainment package for your group.

Area representatives
For additional peace of mind we have representatives at many of our ski destinations so that you have a local point of contact should you require it. Your local area representative will check your itinerary, be in contact with your accommodation and be available to ensure the smooth running of your itinerary.

24 hour emergency support line
For your peace of mind there is a 24 hour PGL emergency contact available at all times during your tour.