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For girls and boys in years 7-11 (S1-S5)

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  • Cheerleading
  • British Cheerleading Association (BCA)

Fitness, fun and focus

Cheerleading is a perfect way to engage girls and boys in PE and is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Our cheerleading weekends are a popular way to promote fitness, exercise, and team spirit.

Our introductory course comprises a fun and energetic programme, focussing on participation and building a range of basic skills required to make a cheerleading routine.

Run by British Cheerleading Association (BCA) coaches, it’s an inspiring introduction for beginners including students who may be less than enthusiastic about more traditional PE activities.


2015/16 Cheerleading Weekend Dates
Location 2015 2016
Boreatton Park, Shropshire 18-20 September 18-20 March
16-18 September
Caythorpe Court, Lincolnshire 11-13 September 9-11 September
Windmill Hill, East Sussex   11-13 March


So how does it work?

Stunts and Tumbles
Designed for girls and boys in years 7-11 (S1-S5), our cheerleading weekends are full of exciting, motivating programmes which include stunts, tumbles, dance, gymnastics, poms and cheers, delivered by professional BCA coaches. Beginners and experienced teams both develop trust and teambuilding skills through practice and through adventure activities.

British Cheerleading Association (BCA)

Complementing the cheerleading sessions, adventure activities such as abseiling, zip wire, climbing and trapeze help reinforce team spirit and the sense of achievement.

Enjoy a full range of evening entertainment and activities, run by our team on centre.

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A typical itinerary for this course

Sample programme for a Cheerleading weekend for Secondary Schools
  Friday Saturday Sunday
09.00-10.30   Motions, jumps and tumbling, stunts, cheers and chants - session 1 Warm-up and recap
10.30-12.00   Motions, jumps and tumbling, stunts, cheers and chants - session 2 PGL activity
14.00-15.30   PGL activity Review progress and development - session 1
15.30-17.00 Arrival and orientation Cheer dance and stunt work Review progress and development - session 2
Evening Introduction to Cheerleading from BCA coaches Disco Depart

Learning outcomes

For beginners, it’s a thorough and thoroughly enjoyable introduction to the sport. And for more experienced cheerleaders, it’s an opportunity to spend a whole weekend doing what they love.

It’s a chance to try out new moves, improve their repertoire and technique.

It’s a weekend of bonding which will help groups work together, communicate and support each other more effectively. They will enjoy their personal achievements and successes.

But more than this, it’s a weekend that will fill your cheerleaders with the enthusiasm and inner belief to carry them through any challenges that may lie ahead.