Safe and happy at PGL

We work hard to make sure that the balance we strike between enjoying freedom and fun on our holidays, whilst staying safe and happy, is the right one. 

Prior to your child/children arriving at PGL for their chosen holiday/s, you can help us, by letting us know if there’s any additional information about your child that we might need, to ensure we make their holiday as successful and safe as possible. As part of our booking process we will ask you to submit information on any specific behavioural, medical, dietary or social requirements your child may have, so that we can try and understand them as best as possible before their arrival on centre. We also ask that you have read and understood our main policies and feel that your child is able to adhere to them. Please see below for an outline of key points that may be relevant to your booking.

Discipline and responsibility

Living alongside and mixing with other children is a valuable part of the holiday experience and we try to ensure that no one feels left out. Every member of the group has an equal right to enjoy themselves and we keep a close check on teasing, bullying or any other anti-social behaviour that may spoil an individual’s enjoyment. Our experience over many years means that this rarely becomes a problem but please tell your children that if they feel they are not happy for any reason, they should inform their group leader or any other member of staff immediately.

When necessary, we will be firm with children who are jeopardising the enjoyment of others and will not tolerate any such behaviour. If problem behaviour is persistent or serious, we will contact the parent or guardian to decide on further action. Please note it may on occasion be necessary to contact parents/guardians during unsociable hours and that PGL reserve the right to curtail any holiday if we feel necessary. Because of this we ask that a parent/guardian is contactable and available to collect 24hrs a day in case the need arises for them to attend centre.

Mobile phones

We recognise that most parents value their children having a mobile phone with them on their holiday. We are happy for children to have a phone but they will only be able to use them in situations where practical and safe to do so in line with our mobile phone policy, which can be viewed online. For example use will not be allowed during activity sessions and after lights out. We cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to such devices and we advise that you have adequate mobile phone insurance cover in place. Misuse of mobile devices, viewing or sharing inappropriate material, abuse of social media and any conduct that could be deemed as bullying or any other inappropriate use of a mobile device (including theft or damage to others property) could result in your child being sent home from their holiday. 

Please see our useful policies page for further information. 

Alcohol and Smoking

Consumption of alcohol by guests is banned at all PGL centres in the UK and France. In France, please note that even those guests who are 16 and over, who legally speaking may consume beer and wine in Europe, are subject to this ban. This also applies to the consumption and purchase of alcohol offsite. Please note that guests who break this rule will be excluded from the holiday and collection will be at the expense of parents/guardians.

We strongly discourage smoking but full smoking bans in the past have led to unauthorised smoking in areas likely to be a fire risk – tents dormitories etc. As safety is our number one priority we operate a system using ‘official’ supervised smoking areas set away from other guests or any fire risk. Smoking is only allowed strictly for 16 or 17 year olds where parental consent has been given. Interestingly, a side effect of this approach tends to be that a number of smokers choose not to smoke at all rather than be forced to adopt the rigours of our strict safety policy. Smoking in contravention of our policy is a serious offence for which guests will be sent home.

Please note that the above rules covering smoking also extend to E-cigarettes and vaping.

Prohibited items

The below items are banned at all of our centres. It is essential to check that your child does not have any of the following items with them during their stay at PGL.

  • Alcohol & Drugs (including associate paraphernalia (grinders etc)
  • Medicines of any kind, whether prescription or common over the counter (for example paracetamol, hay fever tablets, travel sickness tablets etc.) that you have not handed in upon arrival at the centre and declared to our staff on a medical form in your MyPGL account.
  • Hazardous substances (e.g: glue, gas cannisters, legal highs).
  • Any item that could constitute a weapon - for example, a pen knife or scissors.
  • The means of lighting a fire (eg: matches, lights, lighter fluid).
  • Inappropriate material (e.g: adult explicit content). 
  • Cigarettes, Vapes and E Cigarettes (Guests aged 15 and under are not permitted these items. For guests 16 and over smoking is permitted in allocated areas with permission of parents and in supervision of staff, however these must be signed over at check in. 


Our holidays require a level of self-reliance and all children are expected to be able to take responsibility and independently manage their own personal care, such as showering, washing, changing clothes and cleaning their teeth. 

We use specific small group staff ratios and specialist equipment, to ensure all our care standards are upheld and to be as inclusive as possible, in the settings we operate in. Our average ratio of staff is 1:12 and therefore if you feel your child needs additional levels of support for any personal issues or has any issues requiring 1:1 care, you must discuss this with our Customer Service Team. 

It’s important to note that we are not able to accommodate children in all circumstances. This would typically be where a child’s needs require a staffing level beyond those we work to, or the use of equipment, qualifications or facilities that our settings are not reasonably able to provide.

Any other questions?

If you have a query that isn't listed here, or you would like more information on any of the topics mentioned, please call us on 0333 321 2114 and we'd be happy to discuss it with you.