Why choose PGL?

Leader Guide

Why choose PGL?

When you choose to book your trip with PGL, you can be confident it will be a trip of the highest quality. PGL leads the market with a better choice of high quality centres offering adventure courses run by enthusiastic, fully trained staff and administered by an efficient, friendly and helpful head office team.

The safety of our guests is paramount, and risk assessments for each centre are produced annually. With over 50 years of feedback from our customers we have learned a thing or two about what makes a successful, enjoyable and rewarding trip. We use our experience to makes yours the best it can possibly be.

More reasons to choose PGL

  • All our sessions are designed to help young people realise their potential, use their initiative and improve confidence and self esteem.
  • Our centres are the perfect environment in which your young people can explore and extend their range of skills and abilities through physical recreation and problem solving exercises.
  • Your group will develop personal and social skills, by working individually and as part of a teams, supporting and encouraging each other - and often overcoming their own anxieties!
  • Time and again Leaders report how young people flourish during their stay, exceed their own expectations and rise to challenges they would not otherwise encounter. Leaders often see a side to their group members which previously went unnoticed.
  • The satisfaction of knowing you have had a positive influence on their future lifestyle and choices.
  • Many young people discover a love for new, healthy pastimes. Their experience at PGL becomes more than just a happy memory.