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France Explorer

Our France Explorer programme combines popular local excursions and adventure activities, and is available at two of our centres in Northern France - Château de Grande Romaine in Paris and Château du Tertre in Normandy.

Programmes can be tailored to meet the requirements for your group; so you choose the excursions and our experienced Tour Organisers will create the perfect itinerary to make the most of your students' time in France.

French Language Course

Add a PGL French Language Course to your programme.

These courses are designed to improve written and spoken French, using a range of study modules and hands-on learning combined with adventure activities.

English Language Programme in Australia

PGL offers exciting language and cultural programmes at our sites in Australia. PGL Campaspe Downs is just one hour south of Melbourne, and PGL Kindilan is less than 30 minutes from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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Skiing & Snowboarding

At PGL Ski we'll help you choose from our range of awe-inspiring winter resorts across Europe to provide a great value package for your students.

Trust us to deliver 4 hours of ski tuition each day, a PGL rep dedicated exclusively to your group, a choice of rigorously audited accommodation, après ski and/or free in-house entertainment every night, professionally audited and selected transport to resort.

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