Educational benefits of a PGL school trip

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Educational benefits of a PGL trip

At the heart of everything we do is our belief in providing positive outcomes for learning, enrichment and personal development. We believe we share these aspirations with you as teachers.

PGL courses support a range of skills and outcomes which cannot be easily achieved in a school environment. We encourage the physical, social and mental development of our children and promote their wellbeing, positive attitudes and self confidence to help them develop into successful learners, responsible citizens and confident individuals.

Confident individuals

A PGL trip is all about building confidence and helping children to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives. Our courses change attitudes and raise aspirations, through participation in new activities. Rising to new challenges and living alongside their peers helps your pupils to become more adaptable and confident, skills which are critical to so many areas of their development.

Successful learners

All our courses lay strong foundations for encouraging successful learning and building positive attitudes which subsequently lead to improvements in achievement and motivation in all areas – including academic. During a PGL course children enjoy themselves so much they often don’t even realise they are learning; our philosophy is all about this power of enjoyment which can produce the greatest achievements.

Responsible citizens

Your children’s experience at PGL is all about learning social and interpersonal skills, giving encouragement to others and experiencing the benefits of peer support. These are powerful learning outcomes which contribute to a sense of belonging, feeling valued and making a positive contribution in their community and society at large.

A smoother transition

Supporting children through points of transition in their school careers can be challenging. Our courses promote personal, social and emotional development, standing them in good stead to make smooth and trouble-free transitions, whether from primary to secondary school, or between later key stages.

Learning outside the classroom

As a teacher you have always known that teaching and learning cannot be limited to the classroom. You want to see your pupils realise their potential, and you know that experience gained from a school trip stretches far beyond the academic to include raising self-confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

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