Affordable Skiing

for Schools and Groups

  • School ski for small groups

Two great ways to save

Small group? No problem!

Is your ski group smaller than you had initially hoped? We’ll twin your small group with a similar small group from another school, so we’ll still get you to the slopes, with no compromise in the quality of your PGL ski experience!

How it works

  1. You will share the coach, ski school and the services of your PGL rep; you’ll be treated as one group except for room allocations which will always remain separate.
  2. We will provide contact details of the other group’s Party Leader, so that you can communicate with them before you travel.

The advantages

  • You can launch your trip secure in the knowledge that you won’t have to disappoint or surcharge those pupils that sign up.
  • It’s the ideal solution for launching your first ski trip when it’s difficult to gauge the commitment of pupils.

FlexiSki also applies to small groups - please see to the right.


Are you looking for the great quality and outstanding value of a PGL Ski trip, but working within a restricted budget? If so, then PGL FlexiSki is here to help. FlexiSki has all the benefits of a PGL ski trip, but by giving us the flexibility of allocating your accommodation at a later stage in the booking process, we can guarantee you our lowest possible price. It’s a great value for money solution for large or small groups.

How it works

  1. You make a booking, telling us whether you prefer to ski in Austria, Italy, Andorra or Spain.
  2. You advertise the trip in school.
  3. We will then confirm the resort and accommodation we have selected for you, in October (for February trips) or at Christmas (for Easter trips).

The advantage

  • FlexiSki prices are always lower than if you had selected the resort yourself – it’s your reward for being flexible about where you go.