Advanced French Language

for secondary schools

  • A Level French Trip : Practise oral French at a local market
  • A Level French Trip : Group tour on the Seine River
  • A Level French Trip: Preparing for French excursion

Developing both competence and confidence

Making that leap from GCSE to AS level (or its equivalent) is always a challenge; many teachers find our intensive weekend courses fit the bill brilliantly, striking the balance between avoiding too much time out of the classroom and maximising progression during your short time away.

Your advanced level students can focus on developing oral and aural skills over a long weekend in which you will see them make real improvements to their language confidence and competence with a range of practical and linguistically challenging situations.

We welcome small groups onto these intensive weekend courses; there are various travel options including minibus, Eurostar or air. We’ll be happy to discuss the different options we have available for you.


Over your weekend in Paris your AS/A2 or Highers students participate in a range of selected excursions. They’ll focus on situations during which they practise their listening and speaking skills. Their visits are preceded by preparatory study sessions led by a qualified local language teacher.

Follow-up evening sessions consolidate learning and students practise talking about their thoughts, feelings and impressions, working on using more advanced language and expressing themselves precisely and accurately.

Our 6 recommended visits all have excellent study potential. You can choose which visits you would like from the following:

  • Eiffel Tower
  • Opera Garnier
  • Musée d’Orsay
  • Stade De France
  • The Louvre
  • Fontainebleau

A typical itinerary for this course

Sample programme for a 4 day Advanced French Language course for Secondary Schools
  vendredi samedi dimanche lundi
le petit déjeuner
le matin Depart school, travel to France Study Session - Preparation for today's excursion Study Session - review of Saturday then preparation for today's excursion Depart after breakfast. Possible excursion on return trip
le déjeuner
l’après-midi Arrive in time for evening meal Stade de France, Opera Garnier (optional additional excursions) Paris sightseeing (choose from many popular excursions)  
le dîner
le soir Mon Journal, study session and French Scavenger Hunt Mon Journal, study session and French Film Night Mon Journal, study session then Crêpe Evening  

Learning outcomes

This course focuses specifically on areas identified by Ofsted. They report that students at all levels continue to require a better framework in which to develop spontaneous use of the target language, and thereby improve their standards in speaking.

Our Advanced French Language course is therefore directed at:

  • Improving confidence and accuracy in listening and speaking
  • Improving levels of achievement at A/AS Level and Scottish Highers
  • Consolidating and revising at the start of sixth form studies or as a revision course prior to exams

Travel information

Ferry Crossings

Return travel by executive coach is included in the cost of your trip. Your coach is also available for excursions once you arrive at your PGL centre, subject to EU drivers’ hours regulations.

To minimise your journey time and make the most of your time away we offer a number of Channel crossings. Dover-Calais is included as standard in the cost of our tours but alternative crossings are available on request. You can choose Dover-Dunkirk by ferry or Folkestone-Calais by Eurotunnel at no additional charge. A small supplement may apply to crossings from Portsmouth to Caen and Cherbourg. Please contact our Tour Organisers to discuss alternative Channel crossings including air and Eurostar.