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  • Canyoning

A river runs through it

This exhilarating expedition takes you walking, scrambling, swimming and hiking through ravines, rivers and plunge pools, on a journey of a lifetime.

In the Canyon de la Haute Besorgues, in the Ardèche region, the river has carved its way through the rock, forming stunning gorges and cliffs, creating an ideal landscape for an exciting adventure.

Experienced, qualified local guides lead your group though the gorge, making sure each section of the descent is navigated safely, whether it’s descending a rock slide, jumping into a pool, swimming downstream or picking your way along the river bank.

A natural waterfall with a man-made slide into a pool provides a thrilling climax to your canyoning experience, and the journey ends with a short walk uphill to a zip wire where you zip back across to your starting point.

No previous experience is necessary and all guests receive a full briefing during which you are issued with your canyoning equipment: canyoning boots, a full wetsuit with hood, wetsuit socks, helmet and canyoning harness.

Watch a canyoning session in action:

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