Jack Culliford

Shotgun Shooting 

'In this sport you have to be very quick, precise and disciplined'


  • Jack Culliford
  • Jack Culliford
  • Jack Culliford


Jack was introduced to shooting by his grandfather when he was 11. He was then encouraged by Edward Ling (Olympic silver medalist) to develop his skills and compete in the sport.


Jack trains as often as possible at one of his local clubs and when this is not possible, he uses the facilities at the home of Olympic medalist Edward Ling to practise. Although he does not currently have a coach, his grandfather provides Jack with lots of guidance and advice and Jack also learns from watching more experienced shooters when he competes. His school is very supportive and enables him to take time out to compete or attend try-outs, providing he keeps up with his schoolwork as well.

Future Goals

He hopes to achieve selection for the England junior squad again this year, as well as continuing to compete with the GB squad. Looking further ahead, Jack would love to represent Great Britain at the Olympics.

Recent Competitions and Results