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MyPGL - Frequently Asked Question's

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about how to use your MyPGL account.

If you have a query that isn't listed here, or would like more information on any of the topics mentioned, please call us on 0333 321 2114.

What is a MyPGL account?

A MyPGL account is a secure online account where you can login and access all of the information you need for your PGL booking. This includes your confirmation, any forms that you need to fill in and send back to us and all of your final information including kit lists and centre directions.

How do I register for a MyPGL account?

Booking online:
If you have made your booking online you will automatically register for a MyPGL account as part of your booking process. During this process you will be asked to provide a password and an answer to a security question. The email address and password that you provide will then be used as your log in details for accessing your MyPGL account.

Booking over the telephone:
If you book through our Holidays Team over the phone we will send you an email invitation to register for a MyPGL account. This will provide you with a link that is unique to your booking. Clicking on this link will take you to a page on our website where you can register for an account. To register for an account it is essential that you do this from the link in the email so that your booking is then linked to you account.

When you click on the link within your email you will need to scroll down the page and click the 'Register' button. This will automatically pre populate the email address field with the email address that you provided when booking your holiday. This email address will be used as your username and must be used to register for your account as this is how we will link your booking to your new MyPGL account.

What extra information do you need from me?

Once you have made a booking and set up your MyPGL account, your booking documentation and lots of handy information about the holiday will be waiting in there for you. 

Before your child's holiday, there is some extra information that we need to collect from you. In your MyPGL account under the section 'Action Required by You' you will find the 'Medical and Contact' forms which need to be completed and sent back to us as soon as you can. If you have booked for children other than your own, these forms can easily be shared with others using the ‘email a parent/guardian’ button located with each form.

These forms must be completed and submitted back to us by the Friday before the holiday commencement. If you don't manage to get these back to us in time, or you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the form, these can be printed form the ‘Key Information’ section of your MyPGL account and handed in on arrival at centre.

How do I recover my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the MyPGL icon at the top of every page on the PGL website and click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link.

This will then ask you for your email address and the answer to your security question. We will then send you an email with your password.

Alternatively, you can call one of our Holiday Consultants on 0333 321 2114 and we will be able to help you recover your password.

There are numerous children on my booking, can their parents have a MyPGL account?

Yes, this is one of the biggest benefits of our MyPGL account system which we've received lots of positive feedback about.

As many of our customers book holidays for numerous children you can now give permission for their parents to set up their own MyPGL account and we can link the booking to their account so that they can download all of the final information themselves. As there are no payment details shown in your MyPGL account this is a completely safe and secure way to share the information required.

All you will need to do is follow these few steps:

  1. Ask the parent of the child on your booking to visit and set up a MyPGL account by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, clicking 'Register' and filling in the form.
  2. As the lead booker, you will then need to email our Holidays Team on with the parents email address that they used to register for their MyPGL account and your consent that we can link your booking to their account.
  3. We will then link the booking to the parents MyPGL account and they will instantly be able to see all of the essential information for the holiday.

If you are wanting to allow other parents to complete the required Medical and Contact forms for their children you can now do so securely and easily, directly from your own MyPGL without needing to complete the steps above. See the section below for more details.

How do I change my email address?

If you need to change or update the email address that you have used for your booking and to access your MyPGL account you will need to call one of our Holiday Consultants on 0333 321 2114. We will then be able to update our systems for you.

Please do not re-register for an account with another email address as this will not link to your booking within the new MyPGL account.

Can I share the documents with other childrens parents on my booking?

To share booking and key information documents you can save the PDF's and attach them to an email or you can give permission for the other childrens parents on your booking to set up their own MyPGL account by following the steps in the above section.

To share Medical and Contact forms with other parents for completion prior to your holiday, you should use the secure system provided with your MyPGLaccount - see section below.

Providing Medical and Emergency Contact Information

Within your MyPGL you will find forms for you to complete your child's medical and contact details. 

This system:

  • Eliminates the need for you to print and complete your own paper forms and bring them with you to our centres
  • Speeds up check-in procedures for you when arriving at our centres.
  • Makes it easier if you are organising a holiday with your children's friends or family as you can share the forms via secure, emailed links, straight from your MyPGL account, with other parents, whose children are also on your booking. A traffic light system will then indicate for you when other parents have fully completed and submitted their forms. 

How do Medical and Contact forms work with My PGL?

When you have made a booking with us and accessed the details in your MyPGL account, you need to scroll down the 'Action Required by You' section and follow the instructions found there. The system allows you to email a link directly to other parents that can only be securely accessed by them. Once accessed they can then complete the required information and when all fields have been completed, submit the form, prior to the start of the holiday. As the parent who has made the booking, you will be able to see at any point if they have fully completed the necessary form using the colour-coded traffic light system against each child on your booking.

Automated emails that we send prior to your holiday date will also remind you to complete these forms.