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being a parent is an adventure too

  • parent guide. being a parent is an adventure too

Every parent wants their children to explore, have fun and discover more about themselves.

But at the same time we understand that you're bound to have fears and want to protect them– that’s only natural, it’s in our job description!

However, we need to get  the balance right between freedom and adventure and care and protection.

It’s a tough line to walk but it’s why we’ve worked so hard since 1957 to perfect our formula and get it right for the thousands of children and parents who holiday and book with us every year.

As a result, our holidays are exciting, full of fun, shared with new friends and enjoyed with laughter but they are also challenging, confidence building and learning experiences.

They offer real, valuable (often life-changing) outdoor adventures, away from home and with other children but most importantly, in safe and hugely stimulating environments. We think that’s what childhood should be all about and what gets the balance right for everyone involved.

PGL is a very special partnership between you, your children and us. Our Parent Guide is just another example of the lengths we go to to make this partnership a strong one.

We are constantly grateful for all the suggestions, tips and recommendations we get from so many PGL parents and their children and always try to capture all the important information that matters most, here.

We appreciate there’s always lots to consider when you’re a parent and we hope you find it helpful.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.