Corporate and Social Responsibility

Giving something back

  • Members of the Youth Sports Trust and PGL at a YST award ceremony

Supporting our communities

Corporate and Social Responsibility is a broad term that refers to a company’s ethical responsibility to the social, physical and business environments in which it operates. Activities falling under this definition are not performed in order to comply with a specific obligation, but rather to "give something back" to deserving causes within the company's sphere of influence.

PGL takes this responsibility very seriously and encourages staff to contribute ideas and effort in this area - everything from running marathons to charity cake sales, helping disabled children to contributing to recycling policies.

Given that budgets are always limited, we try to support good causes that are closest to PGL’s business activities, as well as to the geographical locations of our Head Office and centres. We therefore concentrate our efforts on requests from schools and other children’s organisations, sports of all sorts with particular emphasis on outdoor activities, and events in the communities that we interact with. We particularly favour any proposals that link several of these target areas together!

Fun, health and fitness, the environment and relief from hardship are key drivers in the initiatives we support.

Health and fitness

We work with Government agencies and official charitable bodies such as the Youth Sport Trust to raise awareness of the importance of exercise and the possibility of improving young people’s lives through physical activity. We worked alongside the Department for Education & Skills and various other key organisations in the creation of the "Learning Outside the Classroom" Manifesto.

We contributed towards the development of the DfE's Quality Badge programme, in conjunction with the British Activity Holiday Association. This initiative ensures that every Learning Outside the Classroom experience with a badged provider is of the highest quality and realises the learning outcomes and enrichment opportunities that groups require.

Recycling campaign

We have introduced a scheme of recycling paper, cans, plastic and glass at our Head Office and selected centres. It’s already had a dramatic effect on the amount of waste that’s going to landfill. Our goal is to roll this out to all of our centres and to include awareness of the importance of recycling as part of the PGL experience.

Saving energy

Another initiative we have introduced across the company is our list of energy saving guidelines which we hope our staff and visitors will incorporate into their home lives as well as their time at PGL. This includes reminders on turning off lights and not leaving machinery on standby, as well as an emphasis not to waste other resources, such as water and paper.

Gender pay gap information

At PGL Travel Ltd. we are committed to being an inclusive and diverse organisation where everyone can achieve their full potential.

Click here for our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report >

We are committed to fair pay irrespective of gender and will continue to regularly review our policies and practices, including proactively reviewing decisions related to annual pay and bonus awards.

Working in the global community

As well as having a responsibility to the communities in and around our centres, we also have a wider responsibility to the global community.

Please download our Modern Slavery Statement for information about our approach to the identification of modern slavery risks and the steps we will take to prevent slavery and human trafficking.