The PGL story

Where it all began

  • Peter Gordon Lawrence

Pioneers of adventure since 1957

Although children often refer to us as 'Parents Get Lost', the company actually takes its name from the man who started it all in the 1950s - Peter Gordon Lawrence.

After leaving Engineering college, Peter Lawrence embarked on his first canoeing holiday down the River Danube in 1955.

As he journeyed down the river, taking in the breathtaking landscape along the way, he was inspired by his passion for the outdoors and wanted to share his experience to enrich the lives of others.

In 1957, he started leading similar canoe trips back on home turf along the River Wye, for small groups of young adults. A different stretch of the river was tackled each day, making camp under the stars on the riverbank every night and striking tents in the morning to paddle onwards.

Peter called this new venture ‘PGL Voyages’ and over a 60 year period, it has grown into the company known today as PGL Travel Ltd.

From these humble beginnings grew the spirit of adventure that remains at the core of what we do.

Explore some of the key company milestones that have got us to where we are today; from our small beginnings as a canoeing specialist to a leading outdoor education provider on our Company History page.