The PGL Bursary

Making a difference

  • Young boy in a PGL canoe with his friends

Peter's legacy

PGL Founder Peter Gordon Lawrence’s contribution to outdoor adventure and education has been immense. Several generations of children have benefited enormously from his achievements. Many parents are today sending their sons and daughters on PGL holidays and courses that they themselves enjoyed as children. In addition, thousands of young people have enjoyed careers in outdoor education, teaching and other professions following the essential skills learnt whilst working at PGL centres.

Following the death of Peter Gordon Lawrence in August 2004 the Peter Gordon Lawrence Bursary was set up. This is used for the sole purpose of assisting children who would benefit from a PGL course, but whose family are unable to pay for it.

Our bursary is currently undergoing a review in order to make it better for you.
The good news is, that we are seeking make it more accessible and we look forward to sharing this new launch with you all very soon.
Rest assured this won’t impact any applications currently being processed.