PGL Bursary

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The Peter Gordon Lawrence Bursary

Striving for Equal Access - Financial Assistance

Following the death of Peter Gordon Lawrence (PGL's founder) in August 2004 the Peter Gordon Lawrence Bursary was set up.

The bursary has attracted additional support from various fundraising efforts, corporate events and personal donations.

Monies from the bursary are used for the sole purpose of assisting children who would benefit from a PGL course, but whose family are unable to pay for it.

The bursary only applies to PGL trips in the UK and Northern France

We are unable to accept applications for our ski and overseas adventure holidays in the south of France.

Funding may be offered for up to 10% of the total children in any one group

Please provide written evidence for each young person to support your application so we can make a fair assessment that financial assistance is justified. We also request that wherever possible there is a parental contribution and/or some funding from the school/group or other sources.

Please ensure we receive your application at least 12 weeks before you are due to travel

We are unable to consider applications within 12 weeks of travel.

Applications must be submitted and signed by the Party Leader

We are unable to accept applications from parents.

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