Risk Assessments

Leader Guide

Risk assessments

The risk assessment summaries are generated from the formal risk assessment programme carried out by the senior management at each centre. All our risk assessments are moderated centrally to ensure continuity and consistency in approach.

Risk assessment and review

All risk assessments are conducted at the start of each new season and are reviewed automatically after any significant change.

Such changes may be brought about by:

  1. Environmental change
  2. Personnel changes
  3. Client group change
  4. Any incident that may occur
  5. A development in the infrastructure of the centre

Calculation of risk rating

PGL Travel uses a well established and commonly used formula (which was initially devised by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) to grade the risk rating associated with our operations.
Grading the likelihood of injury and the severity of potential injury on two separate scales of one to five will provide a risk rating between 1 and 25.

Our interpretation being;

  1. 1-7 equals a low risk rating
  2. 8-15 equals a medium risk rating
  3. 16-25 equals a high risk rating

It is our standard practice to introduce suitable control measures to address medium and high risk ratings. Only low levels of risk are tolerated.


The risk assessment process we use has been inspected by our home enforcing authority and by the inspectorates of the AALA and BAPA.