PGL insurance policy documents

Leader Guide

PGL Insurance Policy - provided by Fogg Travel Insurance

PGL insurance is included for most groups, but there are some exclusions such as day camps and non-standard courses, and groups travelling to the UK from abroad. Please read your booking confirmation carefully to check if your course includes insurance. If your trip does include PGL insurance, please read the information below and in the policy document carefully.

Our insurance, via Fogg Travel Insurance and the Insurers URV, has been tailor-made to match the activities provided by PGL and also to provide additional cover and protection for groups. Our cover is wider than most other travel policies on the market, so if you are considering using another insurance company we strongly recommend that you ensure that cover at least matches ours.

As with any insurance, it is important that you read the policy document to check it is suitable for all members of your group. We recommend you include links to the insurance documents in any letters to parents or pre-booking presentations, so that parents/other Party Leaders travelling can also ensure the cover is correct for their child/themselves.

It is important to declare pre-existing health conditions at the time of booking for any person who is 18 and over travelling anywhere, or any person who is under 18 travelling outside Europe (ages are at the date of departure), to see if the condition(s) can be included in the cover.

Please note that pre-existing health conditions will be excluded unless a declaration is made and cover agreed in writing.

Age Exemption: For those under the age of 18 travelling in the UK or Europe, there is no need to make a declaration. Pre-existing health conditions will be accepted at the time of booking subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions.