Superhuman Teachers

Teachers, we can't promise to give you superpowers but we will give you an extra pair of hands!

Anyone picking up a newspaper, watching a news bulletin or taking a look at the TES recently would be forgiven for thinking that being a teacher requires almost superhuman powers, such are the demands placed on the profession.

Thankfully, despite that, many teachers still recognise and embrace the cross-curricular and social value that a residential trip provides and willingly give their time to enable their students to benefit from this type of experience.

At PGL we want to make teachers lives easier because we know how hard you work and because we believe that organising and running a school trip should not only be an outstanding learning experience but also a pleasure from start to finish. Which is why at PGL we provide as much support as possible before your trip starts.

During the booking process you will be assigned a head office contact, who is responsible for the coordination of your trip from planning to completion. We'll also provide a pack of useful information including:

  • Insurance documents
  • Risk assessments and safety information
  • Leaflets for parents
  • PGL posters to advertise your trip on your school noticeboards
  • Centre/hotel and excursion information

As well as a booking guide to lead you through each stage of the planning process and help you organise a successful trip.

You will also be emailed a link to MyPGL, your online resource where you can view details of your booking as it progresses and have access to useful resources such as videos, virtual tours, Powerpoint presentations and posters which will help you promote the trip to your students and their parents.

An extra pair of hands.

And that's all before your trip even starts. Once you arrive at your PGL centre, we also give you an extra pair of hands (you can't get more superhuman than that!) in the form of one of our amazing Groupies.

During your trip your Groupie will not only be an extra pair of hands but also another set of eyes and ears, as well as a source of boundless energy, fun and games (not to mention, a veritable lexicon of 'repeat after me songs'!).

They'll look after you and your group throughout your stay, solve any problems that arise and ensure your learning objectives are being met. They will show your pupils to their accommodation, lead them to each activity, get them to the dining room on time and make sure everyone has fun - including you!

By PGL Travel.