Welcome to PGL WIFI

FAQs and Terms and Conditions


How do I connect?

In your devices Wi-Fi settings, select the Network on the front of this card and connect with the your password. This will stop working after the time period indicated. Please request a new passcode from reception if your passcode expires.

What do I do if I have a problem with Wi-Fi?

Report any issues with our Wi-Fi to reception. They will do their best to help you or escalate the issue to our IT team.

What about terms and conditions?

By logging on to PGL Wi-Fi you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions for its use. Please ask to view these at reception.

Can I connect multiple devices?


Can I share my passcode with anyone else?

Please don’t share passwords if you are a colleague or or visitor, or share outside of your group if you are a guest (see terms and conditions). If you require additional passcodes for visitors or extra party members, please ask at reception.

Is the Wi-Fi service filtered?

PGL Wi-Fi filters content that illegal or is not suitable for an environment where children are looked after. Don’t download or access anything illegal or that infringes copyright.

What sites will my passcode work on?

Colleague SSIDs will work at all PGL locations fitted with PGL Wi-Fi.