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  • Leader Guide

A guide for tour leaders and accompanying adults

This guide is designed to help you before you travel and during your stay at a PGL centre.

It includes information about what you should expect during your stay and what our expectations are. Please read this guide carefully and ensure that any questions you have are raised as soon as you arrive.

Pre-arrival checklist

Before you arrive, you must ensure you have received the following from your agent/school:

  • Names List
  • Medical & Dietary information
  • Emergency contact details (agent, transport, centre)
  • Contingency fund
  • Course detail/itinerary

When you arrive

Your PGL Group Leader

A PGL Group Leader (‘Groupie’) is allocated to your group during your stay. They will meet you when you arrive at the centre and will be your main point of contact. Their job is to ensure your visit runs as smoothly as possible. If you have a problem concerning your stay, please talk to your PGL Groupie in the first instance. They will also assist in the daily organisation of your group.

When you arrive your PGL Group Leader will show you to your rooms and help you settle in. They will discuss your daily programme to ensure everything is as planned and will give a welcome talk. This will be followed by a tour of the centre and an explanation of the fire procedures which you will be expected to attend.

Your Course Director (applicable if you are undertaking English Language Lessons)

The PGL course director is in charge of your language programme and is available to offer support regarding all English language classes and level testing. They will hold a welcome meeting with you at the start of your first lesson to ensure you are aware of how this part of your programme will be delivered.

The course director will have daily communication with you and the PGL teachers to ensure the classes are running smoothly. It is your responsibility to ensure your group/individuals are adhering to the classroom behaviour guidelines and in line with British Council regulations.

Your responsibilities during your stay with us

As a tour leader or accompanying adult it is your responsibility to take care of all individuals in your group.

PGL will offer you full support in all aspects of your stay and you will be able to talk with your PGL Group Leader every day.

To make your stay as enjoyable as possible we ask that you:

  • Take responsibility for the young people in your group and be present and available during on-site and off-site activities, excursions and evening entertainment.
  • Ensure you are in full communication with the PGL centre team at all times. There should always be at least one adult from the visiting party available on centre outside sessions when young people are in residence, who is contactable at all times.
  • Ensure you are aware of all medical, dietary and additional needs in your group (any medication required will need to be supplied and administered by you, however PGL staff will be able to help with first aid). The accompanying adult/tour leader is responsible for deciding whether a young person should be referred to a doctor or hospital, with the assistance of our first-aid qualified staff. In some cases, we may be able to assist with transport arrangements; if not, we will arrange for a taxi. Payment for taxis is the responsibility of the party leader. The party leader is responsible for notifying parents of any visit to a doctor or dentist, a hospital visit or other incident affecting a member of their group, if appropriate. He/she must therefore hold a list of contact numbers of next of kin or have 24-hour access to this information.
  • Ensure that everyone in your group adheres to the centre guidelines below.


Centre Guidelines

As one of our booking conditions, the agent/school have agreed to maintain the discipline and supervision of their party.

We have detailed the guidelines below and would appreciate your support in ensuring guests adhere to these at all times;

  • Show consideration for the other parties they meet, as well as PGL staff, coach drivers and neighbouring local residents.
  • Show respect for property – coaches, centre fabric and equipment, and all other property. Costs for intentional damage will normally be passed on to the person responsible.
  • Guests should be aware of the curfew on centre and restrict noise to a minimum during curfew hours.
  • No smoking is permitted in the public areas of PGL centres or on PGL coaches. It is strictly prohibited in all accommodation units, especially in tents. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.
  • Adults should not allow any under-age possession or consumption of alcohol at PGL centres.
  • Guests must not behave in an anti-social way, e.g. use offensive or insulting language, threatening behaviour or bullying.
  • Theft and other illegal activities will be reported to the police.
  • Young people must not leave the centre unless accompanied by a supervising adult.

PGL reserves the right to send any party member(s) home for illegal activities, or consistent or gross misconduct. In such cases the cost will be totally borne by the individual or party.

Behaviour deemed inappropriate may include (but is not limited to):

  • Under age buying and consumption of alcohol
  • Leaving the site unless accompanied by a PGL member of staff
  • Suspected involvement with illegal drugs
  • Smoking and using E-cigarettes or Vaporisers outside of designated areas and smoking by under 16s
  • Entering accommodation used by the opposite sex
  • Theft or illegal activities
  • Threatening behaviour, bullying, offensive or insulting language to other guests, PGL staff or any other person resident on center
  • Anti-social behavior affecting other guests' enjoyment of their holiday
  • Leaving rooms during the night without a legitimate reason
  • Deliberately tampering with safety systems (e.g. CCTV, Fire Alarms)
  • Misuse of mobile devices
  • Sharing or viewing inappropriate material or abuse of social or other media
  • Damaging other guests' property

Information for parents and guardians

We have created a useful guide for parents and guardians to let them know what to expect from their child’s PGL holiday. Please direct them to the Parent Guide here.