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What documentation does my child require?

It is your responsibility to check that your child has the correct documentation including passport, visa, insurance, European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) and tickets. Your agent may assist with some of this documentation, please contact them to confirm the details.

Is insurance included?

PGL does not include travel insurance as standard. Please check with your agent what insurance cover you have.

Can I book travel or transfers?

Airport and Eurostar transfers can be booked via your agent. We will act on the last written instructions from the agent making the booking. Please do not contact your child direct to amend travel plans and transfers.

How much pocket money is needed?

There is a small shop on site selling snacks and souvenirs. £5 a day should be enough. There are opportunities for shopping during excursions and it is your decision how much spending money you wish to give your child.

We strongly recommend that money and valuables are handed in to PGL staff.

Please note all money must be in UK £. There are no facilities on site to change money.

Can my child bring their phone/tablet etc?

If your child is traveling with a mobile phone or tablet please make sure the overseas roaming service is enabled, this will ensure your child is contactable during their stay. Mobile phones and tablets cannot be used during activity sessions.

We strongly recommend that money and valuables are handed to PGL staff. We cannot be accountable for lost or stolen goods or money.

My child has a special diet and/or medical needs - can you help?

We are able to cater for most diets. Please ensure that we have details of any diet or medical needs at least six weeks before travel.

What do they need to bring with them?

Old clothes for activities, clean clothes for excursions and evenings. Towels (one for showering and an old towel for wet activities). Guests need to bring shampoo, soap etc there is none provided.

Please do not bring spray deodorants, hairspray etc as these set off the fire alarms.

A complete list is available here.

What about luggage?

Please check with your airline about luggage limits. Our rooms have limited storage and therefore soft bags/holdalls are preferable. Please bring a small bag/rucksack for excursions.