During Your Holiday

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  • During Your Holiday

Is there a laundry service?

For guests staying 8 days or more we provide a free laundry service. Additional laundry is available at £10.00 per person.

Is there Wi-Fi?

We do not offer Wi-Fi to our guests, as we are an Education Centre. Please ensure that you have explained this to your child. Your agent will explain how to contact your child in the event of an emergency.

Can I contact my child?

Your agent will provide an email address and emergency contact details.

What meals are included?

We provide three meals a day. There is always a choice and always a vegetarian option.

At breakfast there is cooked breakfast and cereals, yoghurt and fruit. At lunch and dinner there is always a salad bar in addition to the menu choices.

On excursion days we will provide a packed lunch.

See our sample menu here.

What is the accommodation like?

Descriptions, photography and 360 tours of our centres are available on the centre pages.

All guests on site are PGL guests. 

How are the children expected to behave?

Living alongside and mixing with other children is a key part of the PGL experience. We want all students to enjoy their holiday and we keep a close check on antisocial behaviour that may spoil the enjoyment of others.

Please explain in advance to your child that :

  • All guests, PGL staff and property must be treated with respect
  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted
  • Smoking is only allowed with parental permission and in agreed areas
  • Students cannot leave site, unless with the Tour Leader or a member of PGL staff

We reserve the right to send home any child immediately for anti social or illegal behaviour. No refunds will be provided and travel and any other costs will be billed to parents/guardians.

Are there PGL staff always on site?

Yes, our centres have resident staff always on site. A PGL group leader will be the main point of contact for group members.