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Can PGL cater for special diets?

At PGL centres, we are able to deliver catering provision for many dietary requirements as specified by culture, religion and medical concerns. We regularly provide meals for a wide variety of needs including coeliac, diabetic, food allergies and vegetarian/vegan. Whilst we are unable to cater for more specific requirements such as organic-only diets or weight management programmes, we do request that you speak to your Party Leader to discuss any concerns you may have regarding dietary requirements as soon as possible. We may occasionally ask parents to provide items that are hard to get hold of locally, particularly overseas. While we will do our best to cater for special diets, it may not always be possible to meet all complex requirements.

UK centres: For guests who need to measure and control their carbohydrate intake, the carbohydrate content of core dishes is available from the sample menu (link above), by portion and per 100g. This is the average value but the Catering Management Team will facilitate the weighing of portions to support accuracy during service. Scales are made visible to the Party Leader/Supervising Adult who must take ownership for the required portion weight. All Centres have scales that are flat based, digital and can be zeroed, with accuracy to within 5g as a minimum, following Diabetes UK guidelines. Carb content information is also available on request from Centre, for the self-serve foods such as cereals and salad bar. The responsibility for observing what a child eats and their activity levels lies with the Party Leader/Supervising Adult, as a child may eat less than provided, or supplement it with food from self-serve counters.

Northern France centres: Information for guests who need to measure and control their carbohydrate intake can be provided on request.

Schools and groups should make us aware of food allergies and intolerances via the SEND and Dietary Needs form (a link to this is included in our documentation or can be requested from your PGL contact). You will be given the opportunity to tell us separately about any dietary preferences (vegetarian/vegan/halal). All details must be submitted at least two weeks before travel to allow our Catering teams to make any necessary adaptations. We may not be able to make arrangements at short notice.

Take a look at our sample menus:

There are freshly-prepared hot or cold options available at every mealtime and a self-service salad bar for children to help themselves to as much salad as they like at lunch and dinner. Homemade soup is available most days and there is plenty of bread and fresh fruit available, as well as hot and cold drinks.

For the safety of others, please do not bring any food items that contain nuts to our centres.

Fussy Eaters
We know that some children are very particular about what they eat and if the menu doesn't suit, we can provide alternatives to ensure no-one leaves the dining room hungry. We do often find, however, that children are more likely to try new things at PGL that they wouldn't normally eat at home - it's all part of the PGL experience!

A Brownie picking food from the salad bar at PGL Delicious hot food being served to children at PGL
An example of a clean and spacious dining room at PGL A servery at a PGL centre in the South of France