Gift Shop
Bring the PGL adventure home

Parent Guide

No PGL experience is complete without a Gift Shop visit

We know all our adventurers look forward to exploring PGL’s on-centre Gift Shop as part of their time with us. Nothing quite beats the thrill they’ll get when picking out that perfect gift to bring home, all by themselves!

Bursting with unique goodies of all shapes and sizes, the shelves at our Gift Shop are overflowing with an incredible selection of PGL branded souvenirs, clothing, fun gifts, and tasty treats. From our famous teddy bears (a gift for a sibling perhaps?) to hats, bottles, keyrings, and colourful stationery – there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets. Your child will love browsing the shelves with their friends, selecting a special keepsake to remember their big adventure by. A little piece of PGL to take home and cherish forever!

Learning by doing

Not only is a trip to our Gift Shop lots of fun, but it also provides the perfect opportunity for your group to flex their independence, practice those all-important budgeting skills, and build their confidence and communication skills.

Without you (their parents) by their side, they’ll develop real life experiences by taking responsibility and making their own decisions. Hands-on learning at its best!

Great gifting options for all budgets

With souvenirs starting from just 40p, we have plenty of options for all budgets. We suggest £10 - £20 per child in cash or on pre-paid cards.

The teacher in charge of the trip may recommend an amount to bring for the trip but to help you with budgeting, why not look at our GIFT SHOP PRICE LIST for some inspiration? An experience your child will not want to miss!