Is there anything more magical than celebrating a birthday at Disneyland® Paris? We don’t think so! It’s where dreams come true and people have the time of their lives. Disneyland always has time to make their guests feel special, which they do in many different ways when it’s somebody’s birthday. Let’s see!


How to celebrate your child’s birthday at Disneyland® Paris

Heading on a Disney holiday with PGL while it’s one of your children’s birthdays? Here’s what you can do at Disneyland Paris to make it extra special!

Birthday cake

At many of Disneyland Paris’ dine-in and all-you-can-eat restaurants, you can pre-order a birthday cake to arrive at the meal! It’s a brilliant way to surprise your children on their birthday. They’ll get a delicious Micky or Mini Mouse decorated cake oozing with chocolate. Yum! 

It’s always best to book your desired restaurant and cake in advance just to make sure everything is organised for the special occasion. If you’re staying with PGL at Château de Grande Romaine, just check which day your trip to Disneyland Paris will be so you can get booking right away!

Characters to join the birthday meal

You can surprise your kids with their favourite Disney characters. Imagine Spider-Man or Cinderella coming to their birthday! It’s definitely a birthday to remember. You can book Disney characters to visit during your child’s birthday meal at many restaurants at Disneyland Paris.

Birthday badge

Your little ones can show everyone it’s their birthday at Disneyland Paris with a birthday badge. If you head to the City Hall and show that it’s one of your children’s birthdays, Disney will give you a personalised birthday badge for them to wear! It’s the little things that make a huge difference, and this is one of them.


Celebrating your birthday at PGL

If you’re on a French adventure with PGL, then don’t forget to let us know too! Our team would love to know if any of your children are celebrating their birthday while with us. If you’d like to celebrate their birthday at our centre too then get in touch to see how we can make sure it’s one to remember!


Celebrate a birthday at Disneyland Paris with PGL!

Being at Disneyland Paris on your birthday is very special! If you love an adventure and are interested in joining PGL on a 3-night adventure filled with activities and a day trip to Disney, take a look at our family holidays to Disneyland Paris. If you’d like to add in a day trip to Paris, then maybe our Paris and Disneyland package is for you. You’ll stay at our fantastic Château de Grande Romaine centre on the outskirts of the city!

Request a quote today to arrange your next French family adventure. Or, contact us if you’d like to find out more!