Post-SATs Residentials

With SATs finally over for another year, many primary schools will be using the next few weeks to take the pressure off pupils and run a residential trip as a reward for all the hard work and preparation pupils have put into their exams. Some schools will have already organised a trip earlier in the spring term to help boost their pupils' self-confidence and motivation, ready for their forthcoming exams.

Rewarding experiences
In contrast to the academic demands of SATs, a school trip - especially a residential adventure-based trip - presents children with challenges of a different sort; physical and practical ones.

Residential adventure courses provide an opportunity for children to let off steam, have some fun in the outdoors and spend some time living together away from home as a group. It can be surprising how adventure activities bring out different characteristics and abilities in children and how they can inspire a child who may not be naturally academic with a sense of achievement and self-confidence.

Overcoming fears
Bringing out the best in children using a variety of activities which require different skills and different ways of learning lies at the heart of PGL adventure activity courses. A child who is afraid of heights may be reluctant to climb a 20 foot pole and jump off it, but with the support of their peers and encouragement from our instructors, they can overcome their fear. And once they've made that first jump, chances are they'll be back for more.

Next year?
PGL has over 50 adventure activities at 15 residential centres throughout the UK and three in northern France, so if you're planning a trip for your pupils before or after SATs next year, why not find out what PGL has to offer?

by PGL Travel.