Medical and Health

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Medical and Health Matters

Any medical, physical, cultural, dietary or behavioural needs which our centre staff need to be aware of should be detailed before arrival. It is essential that you inform PGL well in advance if a party member suffers from any condition that needs special attention or which may prevent them from taking part in any activity. This will enable us to make any necessary arrangements where possible.

Most children are used to controlling their own condition. However, if there are children who are not able to do this (e.g. those with epilepsy) then parents should produce clear written guidelines as to what action the Party Leader must take.

In the event of a guest requiring medical treatment during your stay, the following procedure will apply:

In an emergency, centre staff will assist in calling an ambulance to transport the ill/injured guest to hospital. For non-emergencies, centre staff will normally arrange transport by taxi to the appropriate medical facility. Taxi costs will need to be covered by the group; please bear in mind that fares can be high, particularly in rural areas, and may need to be paid in cash. It may, however, be possible to obtain reimbursement for these on your return home via your insurance.

GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) – The GHIC allows access to state healthcare in Europe at reduced cost or sometimes for free. Older-style EHICs are also still valid, up to the expiry date shown on the individual card. We recommend that all participants are in possession of a GHIC or EHIC. To apply for a GHIC or for further details, please click here.

Parental Authorisation and Consent