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PGL Code of Practice

Our Code of Practice, safety and safeguarding documents contain summaries of our safety systems and procedures with regard to all the courses we run at our own centres and at hotels and other third party accommodation. They are designed to ensure that we meet all legal requirements, establish clearly the health and safety standards which must be met to meet the company’s requirements and ensure consistency across all the products that we offer.

We are very proud of our excellent school satisfaction ratings and safety record. These are due to the diligence and care of our staff and co-workers, utilising the systems and procedures that we have developed over the years and which we continue to refine. 

We hope that you will find all the details you require in these documents, but if not, we will be pleased to answer any further questions on request.

Safety on Centre - supervision and support

Schedule Our Responsibility
(with your support)
Your Responsibility
(with our support)
Daytime Adventure Activities  
Breaks and Free Time  
Meal Times  
Evening Entertainment/Activities  
Night Time  

Our Role - click to see detailed information

A  member of centre staff will be assigned to your group whose main role is to ensure the smooth running of your trip, acting as all-round support for your group.

During the course of your stay, your assigned member of centre staff will:

  • Meet you on arrival and organise a welcome talk and tour of the centre
  • Help you organise and settle your group into their accommodation
  • Ensure your group are occupied from your agreed arrival time until the evening meal
  • Arrange to meet and accompany your group for all meals
  • Liaise with the Party Leader and adult members of your group on a daily basis to ensure good communication throughout your stay
  • Deliver a varied evening entertainment programme
  • Be available after mealtimes to help supervise your group and lead games

Your Role - click to see detailed information

As the Party Leader and/or accompanying adult you have a number of responsibilities that will assist us in ensuring your stay is both successful and enjoyable.

We recommend that a supervising adult is present with each group during activities (some local authorities/associations insist on this so please check with your relevant stakeholders).

During the course of your stay you are also responsible for:

  • Wearing your visitor's ID (provided on arrival) at all times on centre and making sure any guests visiting your group for the day sign in at reception and wear the appropriate ID badge
  • The control, behaviour and pastoral care of your group and ensuring your group complies with the PGL Code of Conduct
  • Ensuring one adult from your group is on centre and contactable at all times
  • Ensuring that there is at least one supervising adult from your group present to assist with the supervision of children during all evening entertainment sessions
  • Supervising your group within the accommodation area after the agreed time set by yourself and your assigned member of staff
  • Ensuring your group does not enter any of the activity areas outside session times
  • Supervising your group during their allocated shop time (where applicable, information provided on arrival)
  • Ensuring that at least one supervising adult from your school/group is present for all off site excursions, activities and field work
  • Any medication brought onto the centre for a member of your group
  • Deciding (with the help of our first-aid qualified staff), if any member of your group should be referred to a doctor or hospital. In some cases we may be able to assist with transport arrangements, if not, we will arrange for a taxi. Payment for taxis is the responsibility of the Party Leader
  • Notifying parents of any doctor, dentist or hospital visit, or other incident affecting a member of your group, if appropriate
  • Familiarising yourself with the fire procedure and following it in the event of a fire alarm (the fire procedure will be explained during your welcome talk)
  • Withdrawing any member of the group from an activity, if necessary
  • Informing us of any problems with your accommodation, with regards to housekeeping and maintenance issues

If there is a problem during your stay, we want to be the first to hear about it. In the first instance, please speak to your assigned member of staff or the Duty Manager so that we can try to rectify the problem on the spot.
In the unlikely event that the matter remains unresolved, please put your complaint in writing to us as soon as possible. This gives us the best chance of investigating whilst events are still fresh in people’s minds. Please note that we can only correspond with the Party Leader – any individual parental complaints must be communicated through the contracted party.

Safety off Centre - supervision and support

Schedule Our Responsibility
(with your support)
Your Responsibility
(with our support)
PGL-accompanied Excursions  
PGL-led Activities/Excursions  

To avoid any confusion, we seek to ensure a clear handover of responsibility of party members from party leader to our staff and vice versa at appropriate points of the day.