Menus and food at PGL centres

Teacher Guide

Healthy, Tasty and Nutritious

The meals we provide at our centres offer a wide range of tasty and nutritious dishes which are attractive to children’s palates. To assist young people in selecting a balanced meal we serve generous portions of fruit, vegetables and salad with plenty of carbohydrate for energy.

There is also a mix of freshly-prepared hot or cold meals at various mealtimes throughout the week, as well and a self-service salad bar for children to help themselves to as much salad as they like at lunch and dinner. There is always plenty of bread and fresh fruit available, as well as hot and cold drinks.

Allergies, Intolerances and Special Diets

At PGL centres, we are able to deliver catering provision for many dietary requirements as specified by culture, religion and medical concerns. We regularly provide meals for a wide variety of needs including coeliac, diabetic, food allergies and vegetarian/vegan. While we will do our best to cater for special diets, it may not always be possible to meet all complex requirements such as organic-only diets or weight management programmes.

UK centres: For guests who need to measure and control their carbohydrate intake, the carbohydrate content of core dishes is available from the sample menu (link above), by portion and per 100g. This is the average value but the Catering Management Team will facilitate the weighing of portions to support accuracy during service. Scales are made visible to the Party Leader/Supervising Adult who must take ownership for the required portion weight. All Centres have scales that are flat based, digital and can be zeroed, with accuracy to within 5g as a minimum, following Diabetes UK guidelines. Carb content information is also available on request from Centre, for the self-serve foods such as cereals and salad bar. The responsibility for observing what a child eats and their activity levels lies with the Party Leader/Supervising Adult, as a child may eat less than provided, or supplement it with food from self-serve counters.

Northern France centres: Information for guests who need to measure and control their carbohydrate intake can be provided on request.

Information relating to complex dietary requirements should be provided at the time of booking. Groups must state any individual dietary requirements on their final forms/names list. We may not be able to make arrangements at short notice.

For the safety of others, please do not bring any food items that contain nuts to our centres.

Please note that wifi is only available in the communal areas of many of our centres and due to their locations, connection speed and availability may be challenging. We cannot therefore guarantee that it will be sufficient for the operation of devices used to manage diabetes. We are investing in our wifi as a priority during 2024, so that we can provide faster connections, plus greater reliability and coverage at all of our centres in the near future. Please contact us for specific information relating to your chosen centre.

And finally...

It is a matter of pride and principle that no child leaves a PGL dining room hungry!

We always welcome your comments and would be delighted to discuss any aspect of our catering with you. If you have any comments, please let us know as soon as you can, whilst you are on centre, so we can adapt to your requirements.