Menus and food at PGL centres

Teacher Guide

Supporting healthy eating

Changing young people’s attitudes to the outdoors and exercise lies at the heart of PGL’s ethos, and the meals we offer at our centres reflect this philosophy and complement the whole PGL experience.

We want to inspire young people with healthy activity in the outdoors and encourage them to eat better, balanced meals. Studies show that the eating habits we adopt when we’re young are carried through into later life.

To encourage children to adopt a healthy diet we work in partnership with our suppliers to provide ethically sourced ingredients and meals using healthy preparation methods. We offer a range of dishes which are attractive to children’s palates. They’re fresh, tasty, nutritious, and accompanied by plenty of salad choices.

How do our menus support healthy eating?

Our focus is on providing:

  • fresh fruit with all meals – whole and prepared for convenience
  • a wide variety of healthy and nutritional salads at lunch and dinner time
  • for dietary needs (medical or otherwise) and fussy eaters
  • freshly made vegetarian soups for lunch and dinner

In addition:

  • Water and squash are available with all meals
  • Semi-skimmed milk is available with breakfast

We have a network of suppliers who are continuously reviewing and who actively working to reduce the food miles.

Allergies, Intolerances and Special Diets

At PGL centres, we are able to deliver catering provision for many dietary requirements as specified by culture, religion and medical concerns, but we do not cater for weight management programmes or “faddy” diets. We regularly provide meals for a wide variety of needs including coeliac, diabetic, food allergies and vegetarian/vegan. While we will do our best to cater for special diets, it may not always be possible to meet all complex requirements.

Information relating to complex dietary requirements should be provided at the time of booking. Groups must state any individual dietary requirements on their final forms/names list. We may not be able to make arrangements at short notice.

Nut policy

To ensure our guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, we ask that Party Leaders supply information relating to nut allergies as early as possible before travel.

And finally...

It is a matter of pride and principle that no child leaves a PGL dining room hungry!

We always welcome your comments and would be delighted to discuss any aspect of our catering with you. If you have any comments, please let us know as soon as you can, whilst you are on centre, so we can adapt to your requirements.

Enjoy your meals at PGL!