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Frequently asked questions about your MyPGL account

Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will help you use your MyPGL account.

If you have a query that isn't listed here, or would like more information on any of the topics mentioned, please call us on 0333 321 2114.

What is a MyPGL account?

A MyPGL account is a secure online account where you can login and access all of the information you need for your PGL booking. This includes your confirmation, any forms that you need to fill in and bring to centre and all of your final information including kit lists and centre directions.

How do I register for a MyPGL account?

After booking through our Holidays Team over the phone we will send you an email invitation to register for a MyPGL account. This will provide you with a link that is unique to your booking. Clicking on this link will take you to a page on our website where you can register for an account. To register for an account it is essential that you do this from the link in the email so that your booking is then linked to you account.

When you click on the link within your email you will need to scroll down the page and click the 'Register' button. This will automatically pre populate the email address field with the email address that you provided when booking your holiday. This email address will be used as your username and must be used to register for your account as this is how we will link your booking to your new MyPGL account.

How do I recover my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the MyPGL icon at the top of every page on the PGL website and click on the 'Forgotten your password?' link.

This will then ask you for your email address and the answer to your security question. You will receive an email with your password.

Alternatively, you can call one of our Holiday Consultants on 0333 321 2114 and we will be able to help you recover your password.

How do I change my email address?

If you need to change or update the email address that you have used for your booking and to access your MyPGL account you will need to call one of our Holiday Consultants on 0333 321 2114. We will then be able to update our systems for you.

Please do not re-register for an account with another email address as this will not link to your booking within the new MyPGL account.

There are numerous families/friends on my booking, can they have a MyPGL account?

Yes, this is one of the biggest benefits of our MyPGL account system which we've received lots of positive feedback about.

As many of our customers book holidays for numerous members of their family or for groups of friends and you can now give permission for them to set up their own MyPGL account and we can link the booking to their account so that they can download all of the final information themselves. As there are no payment details shown in your MyPGL account this is a completely safe and secure way to share the information required.

All you will need to do is follow these few steps:

  • Ask the person you would like to give access to the information to visit and set up a MyPGL account by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, clicking 'Register' and filling in the form.
  • As the lead booker, you will then need to email our Holidays Team on with their email address that they used to register for their MyPGL account and your consent that we can link your booking to their account.
  • We will then link the booking to their MyPGL account and they will instantly be able to see all of the essential information for the holiday.

Can I share the documents with other people on my booking?

To share the documents you can save the PDF's and attach them to an email or you can give permission for the other people on your booking to set up their own MyPGL account by following the steps in the above section.