AdventureFlex - flexible booking policy

PGL are pleased to offer NEW AdventureFlex cover as an optional extra in order to allow greater flexibility for any unplanned amends or cancellations to your booking. Holiday plans changed? Need to coordinate with family or friends?  Not a problem – we’ve got you covered. 

Just £50 for up to 10 passengers on a UK break*

Available for all Family Adventure Holiday customers travelling on a UK break, each policy purchased covers up to 10 guests on the same booking and allows you to make UNLIMITED amends or to cancel your booking with no penalty until 4 weeks before your travel date. Need to make changes within 4-28 days? Don't worry, you'll benefit from reduced fees and our very best cancellation options still.

How to add AdventureFlex to your booking: 

Online: AdventureFlex is able to be purchased over the phone only. Please make your booking online as normal and then call our team on 0333 321 2114 to confirm your policy.

Over the phone: Call us on 0333 321 2114. Our team will ask you if you would like to add AdventureFlex whilst making your reservation for you. Simple!

Family Adventure Holidays - AdventureFlex - £50 for up to 10 passengers
 Days prior to arrival Amendment Cancellation
56+ days FREE (saving of £25) 100% Refund
29-55 days FREE (saving of £50) 100% Refund
15-28 days £15 (saving of £60) 65% Refund
4-14 days £30 (saving of £70) 50% Refund
0-3 days Standard T&Cs No Refund

Savings shown compared to standard cancellation/amendment terms and conditions, which apply when not purchasing AdventureFlex - which can be viewed here.

Looking for our Kids' Adventure Camps AdventureFlex policy? Find details here.

Terms and conditions:  

    • AdventureFlex can be added up to 14 days after booking, provided that this is over three months prior to the travel date (excluding the day of travel). AdventureFlex can be added up to 72 hours after booking if adding within three months of travel (excluding the day of travel).
    • AdventureFlex is valid for UK Family Adventure Holidays only
    • The fee for AdventureFlex for our Family Adventures product covers up to ten passengers on any one trip, on the same booking.
    • Where AdventureFlex is purchased, it must be purchased for all passengers on the trip, including any added after the initial booking is made.
    • AdventureFlex can be used to cover unlimited amendments up to 12 months from initial travel date booked, but can only be used once per passenger for cancellation purposes.
    • Holidays rescheduled under AdventureFlex must commence within 12 months of the initial travel date.
    • In the case of refunds being issued, the cost of AdventureFlex is non-refundable.
    • The AdventureFlex fee is non-refundable once purchased. However, if we cancel your trip, the AdventureFlex fee will be refunded.
    • AdventureFlex only applies if all payments due have been made at the time of amendment or cancellation. Any late payments invalidate AdventureFlex, and standard PGL cancellation/amendment charges will apply.
    • In the case of flexing to a higher priced product, you will be charged for the difference in price as at the date of the request. In the case of flexing to a lower priced product, PGL will refund the difference. If the request to flex to a lower priced product is made within 14 days of travel, PGL will refund no more than 50% of the cost of the higher priced product. If the request to flex to a lower priced product is made 15-28 days from travel, PGL will refund no more than 65% of the cost of the higher priced product.
    • Cancellations under AdventureFlex can be made as follows:
    • 29+ days before travel: Amend for no fee, or receive full refund
    • 15-28 days before travel: Amend for £15 fee, or receive a refund of 65%
    • 4-14 days before travel: Amend for £30 fee, or receive a refund of 50%
    • 0-3 days before travel: Standard T&Cs apply
    • For the purposes of AdventureFlex, your arrival date starts at 00:01 on the day of your arrival.  This is different to your arrival time on centre.
    • If you choose not to purchase AdventureFlex, any amendments to your booking will incur an administration fee in line with PGL standard T&Cs per amendment. If you need to cancel your booking, regardless of the reason for cancellation, PGL standard cancellation charges will apply.
    • Where amending your booking under AdventureFlex, any applicable fee must be paid at the time of making the amendment.
    • PGL reserves the right to withdraw AdventureFlex from sale at any time. This will not affect passengers who have purchased AdventureFlex prior to such withdrawal.
    • Any refund made will be to the original payment method.
    • AdventureFlex is not a substitute for travel insurance. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance in respect of your booking.

    Got any questions? Give our team a call on 0333 321 2114 to find out more.