Get your group ski fit!

If you're leading a ski trip for your school this season, getting your students in shape for the slopes will ensure they get the most from their time on the mountains.

Skiing is a fantastic sport to inspire your students but it's also a physically demanding one - especially if you have first-time skiers in your group.

In the last few weeks leading up to your trip, your skiers will need to focus on three key areas to help them prepare for their action-packed week away; strength, endurance and flexibility.

In addition to some dry slope sessions for the beginners, it's a good idea to build a training plan into your planning for the trip - maybe use the school sports hall to set-up a group exercise schedule or give your skiers an exercise plan to follow at home.

Preparing them well for their action-packed week away will help reduce the risk of injury and maximise the fun!


All that knee-bending soon takes its toll on the leg muscles - especially the quads and glutes. These large muscle groups need to be built-up at least 6 weeks prior to your trip.

Working on core stability also helps with posture and reduces the strain on the back, so it's always best to start strength exercises early.


Improving students' general fitness will help them maintain their energy levels and reduces fatigue after a full day on the mountains.

Sustained cardio activity such as running or cycling is a great way to raise the heart rate and improve general fitness. If your school has a gym, three sessions a week on the treadmill, bike or cross-trainer for up to an hour can work wonders in preparation for your trip.


The importance of stretching shouldn't be overlooked and should form an important part of the training schedule.

Stretching properly after exercise is especially important for the legs. Stretching the quads, glutes, hamstrings, thighs and calves helps to flex and loosen the leg muscles, so it's useful for your students to practise stretching regularly.

Here are 10 exercises to help you and your group get ski fit!

Hit the slopes well prepared!

The preparation doesn't stop once you're on the mountain either! A group warm-up before hitting the slopes will increase everyone's body temperature early in the day to help reduce the chance of injury. Side lunges and squat jumps are great for activating major muscle groups and they can be lots of fun to get everyone fired up for the thrilling day ahead!

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