If you’re looking for places to stay near Disneyland® Paris, then consider our fantastic Château de Grande Romaine an option for your Disneyland Paris adventure! It’s the ideal destination for a family holiday, featuring a range of epic facilities for both parents and children, as well as some thrilling adventure activities for you to take part in while you’re not at Disneyland Paris.


How far to Disneyland® Paris?

Our stunning Château is only 30 miles from Disneyland Paris, making it one of the best places to stay near Disneyland Paris if you love an adventure. If you stay with us and book a family adventure holiday to Disneyland Paris, then you can easily drive to the magical kingdom from our centre.


What’s on-site for kids

We pride ourselves on having some of the best facilities around, so your family adventure is everything you wished for and more! It’s full of fun and entertainment when you stay at our French centre. Some facilities available at Château de Grande Romaine that kids might love are:

  • Sports Courts
  • Playing Fields
  • Games Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Shop


What’s on-site for parents

If you’re looking for somewhere to wind down while the kids carry on with the evening’s activities, then we’ve got a few places perfect for the parents:

  • Bar
  • Dining Room
  • Lounge


Our rooms

We have rooms available for families of all different sizes, including up to 6 guests! The rooms available at Château de Grande Romaine are:

  • Adult and Child Rooms
  • Family Room
  • Large Family Room
  • Small Family Room


Adventure activities at Château de Grande Romaine

While your family are staying at our Château, you can enjoy some of our epic on-site activities to keep you entertained at every moment. 

Disc Golf

Combine frisbee and golf and what do you get? Disc Golf! This unique sporting challenge involves players taking turns to hit the target with their frisbee and get it into the basket. Just like golf, you’ll tee off and aim to get closer and closer to the target with each shot, before getting close enough to hit it. Then, it’s off to the next hole.

Archery Tag

This is another combination of two great activities; archery and tag. Armed with foam-tipped arrows, the aim of the game is to fire at tag them with your arrows. You’ll experience a range of different game modes too! So, who will come out victorious?

Buggy Build

Buggy Build is a fabulously fun family challenge! Using only the materials provided, you must build a fully functional buggy that can compete against the opposing team’s buggies in a series of challenges. How good is your family's teamwork?


Explore Disneyland and Paris with PGL!

If you’re looking for where to stay near Disneyland Paris, then why not plan your adventure with PGL which also includes a day trip to Disneyland Paris? If you’re looking to visit this enchanted kingdom with your family and love an adventure, check out our epic family adventures! You’ll get a 5-night stay at our Château de Grande Romaine centre on the outskirts of the city, with a day trip to Disneyland Paris included.

Request a quote today to arrange your next French family adventure. Or, contact us if you’d like to find out more!