Are your teenagers eager to start learning how to drive? Well, guess what? They can get ahead of the crowd during PGL's Learner Driver camp! There’s so much an experience like this can offer to children and it’s a fantastic opportunity to begin building their understanding of driving, road safety and much more. We’re here to give you an insight into what happens on a PGL learner driver camp and highlight some of the benefits of a driving lesson for kids.


What will your child get up to?

Their day will be divided into half driving-focused activities and half classic PGL multi-activities. It’s not like some other driving experiences for kids. With us, your children do take control of the wheel. Designed for those aged 13-16, they’ll come back home having learned how to stop and start, use the clutch, drive and steer through a slalom course and much more that’ll come in handy when they begin to learn how to drive on public roads.


Will your child be safe on a learner driver camp?

Absolutely. Your child will learn away from public roads, in a modern vehicle that features dual control so their instructor will always have complete control of the car if needed.


The benefits of a driving experience for kids

It’s fun

We all know how much kids love driving. Especially when they’re trying out all the driving games at the arcade. It’s a fun and thrilling experience for kids, which aligns perfectly with the adventurous multi-activities they’ll take part in too!

Gets them ahead of the game

A driving experience for kids gives them a head start ready for when they can learn how to drive on public roads. After this, they will have a great introduction to driving, and it’s much easier for your kids to understand what instructors mean in the initial learning period.

Teaches them about road safety

The more driving experience kids get before they pass their test, the more they’ll know about road safety. This is something that we prioritise in our courses, helping and encouraging kids to lead a safe driving life! 

Increases confidence

Confidence can be a big influencer when driving, especially with learners. If people have already had some driving experience when they were younger, then it could help them feel more confident on the roads when they officially learn to drive. It can be daunting on your first lesson on public roads, but having just a little bit of experience under your belt can make a big difference.


Enjoy a Learner Driver Camp with PGL!

Now you know all about our camps and the benefits of a driving experience for kids, why not take a look at our Learner Driver Camp? If you think your child would enjoy the opportunity to learn the basics of driving a car over the school holidays, then this could be perfect for you.

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