Are you ready for an intergalactic adventure? We’re here to unpick everything Star Wars-related that you can do at Disneyland Paris from attractions, activities and character encounters! Since Disney acquired Star Wars in 2012, they have incorporated the franchise across their Paris park and it’s loved by many. Let’s see how.


Does Disneyland Paris have Star Wars?

Yes! Disneyland Paris has a range of attractions perfect for any Star Wars fans. You’ll find all things Star Wars-related located in Discoveryland, which is towards the east of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle from Central Plaza. This is also the best place to catch your favourite Jedi, or Sith Lord if you prefer the dark side…


Can you build a lightsaber at Disneyland Paris?

Another yes! Head to Star Traders, the Star Wars merchandise shop, located in Discoveryland, and there you can build your own lightsaber from scratch. You and your children will be able to choose each and every component to create a unique lightsaber, beginning your Jedi journey. Will you choose a single or double-blade? And most importantly, which colour will you choose?

You can also build a lightsaber at the Disney Store in the Disney Village, so there are two locations where you can build a lightsaber at Disneyland Paris.


Star Wars Disneyland Paris attractions

Star Wars™ Hyperspace Mountain

This is one of the most epic rides at Disneyland Paris! You can experience the thrilling adventure into hyperspace on this rollercoaster, as you zoom to the top of Hyperspace Mountain and become immersed in the battles going on across the galaxy. It features flashing lights with screens featuring TIE fighters and X-wings shooting across the sky. 

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

Prepare for take off! In this immersive experience, you’ll be given 3D glasses to wear as you board the spaceship for your journey. It’s a simulation attraction with plenty of twists, turns and bumps. So buckle up and get ready to explore the galaxy with C-3PO. 

Starport: A Star Wars Encounter

It’s time to meet the Lord of the Sith… if you dare. Here you can grab a snap with Darth Vader himself, completing your Star Wars Disneyland Paris adventure. Join him on his Death Star, and why not take your lightsabers with you too?


Star Wars Snacks

You can find an array of Star Wars snacks at Disneyland Paris. If you and your family are feeling hungry, why not try out Café Hyperion or Rocket Café? Some of the tasty snacks you can enjoy include:

  • Boba Fett Shortbread
  • BB-8urger
  • Darth Vader Waffle
  • Grogu Biscuit


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