Learning bushcraft skills can be both riveting and useful. If your child is a nature enthusiast then giving them the opportunity to learn all about outdoor skills and bushcraft knowledge could be perfect for the school holidays. 

At PGL, our bushcraft for children camps teach them the ins and outs of building shelter, fire lighting and more.


Bushcraft skills for children

Your child can delve into the following bushcraft skills at PGL, and return home having gained so much knowledge of survival skills.

Shelter building

Here’s where all those years of making dens and forts will come in handy! In this session, kids will learn how to build a shelter using both natural resources and tarp, so they’re able to see the variety of ways an effective shelter can be created. 

This is an essential bushcraft skill so your kids know how to keep dry and warm if they ever find themselves in a situation like this. It’s certainly one of the best bushcraft activities for children!

Fire lighting and management

Your kids will learn how to create a fire using a range of different resources. Our experts will explain how to carry this out safely and how to manage the fire, including keeping it burning and how to put it out. Fire is an essential resource to help stay warm, cook food and boil water. 

Tool safety

Tools and equipment are used for many bushcraft activities, most importantly knives for preparing food, creating shelter and more. Your kids will learn about the safety measures of using these tools and what they should be used for.


After your kids know how to use the tools safely, they’ll be able to have a go themselves at whittling, where they carve utensils like spoons and marshmallow sticks. Whittling is a fantastic skill to learn, and it’s fun too! Kids achieve a great sense of accomplishment when they see what they have been able to create.


Develop bushcraft cooking skills with PGL where kids can put some of their previously learned skills to the test. For example, creating utensils used to hold food items over the fire, and of course, creating a fire itself!


Enjoy a bushcraft adventure with PGL!

Bushcraft for children is a wonderful adventure activity! If you like the sound of our bushcraft activities at PGL, why not take a look at our Bushcraft camps? Your kids will develop a range of bushcraft skills and join in with some of our classic multi-activities.

Browse our collection of outdoor adventure camps to see what your little ones might enjoy. At PGL, we have a range of adventure-filled camps over the school holidays, including multi-activity holidays, watersports camps and more. Our camps have been running for over 66 years! So, we know a thing or two about adventure. You can browse all of our children’s adventure holidays here.

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