Are your kids eager to get involved with some fun outdoor easter activities at home? Well, we’ve got some great suggestions for you! These activities are especially great if you and your family love adventure and games. Celebrate Easter and try something new at home today!


Egg hunt

Create your own unique easter egg hunt for your kids. It can be as simple or complicated as you like. You could hide them around the garden and task your little ones to find them all, or maybe they’d like a slightly more advanced hunt, where you hide clues that lead to the discovery of one big easter egg!

An egg hunt is one of the most classic outdoor easter activities, and it’s a real adventure too! 


Easter walk

Head down to your local forest and explore nature in the springtime. You could even set up a scavenger hunt for your kids where they need to find natural objects and items that closely relate to Easter, such as Spring flowers, a bird’s nest or something shaped like an egg. It’s a great way to get everybody in the Easter spirit! 

Depending on your local forest, they may even have their own Easter hunt or location games for the family to attempt while enjoying their stroll.


Easter picnic

Choose your location and then pick some tasty picnic treats to enjoy with your family. It could be in your garden, at the park or in the woods — you decide. Don’t forget to pack the chocolate eggs, they’re the most important! You could even bake some Easter-inspired cakes to bring along. 


Family egg and spoon race

It’s time to get competitive! To make it even more festive, you could paint your boiled eggs in teams and create your own design to be used in the race. All that’s needed is a spoon and an egg. 

How to play:

Lay down the course and then split into teams, with players lining up behind the starting player. On “go”, players must balance the egg on the spoon and make their way around the course and back to the next player, where they can then begin. If the egg is dropped, the player must go back to the start. Once a player finishes their turn, they should join the back of the queue and sit down. The first team to have all the players back and sat down wins! 


Easter holiday activities for kids at PGL

We have a phenomenal selection of Easter outdoor activities for your kids to get stuck in with at PGL. Take a look at our Easter holiday for 2024 for more information! Our easter holiday activities for kids include:

  • Abseiling
  • High Ropes Course
  • Orienteering
  • Zip Wire
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Raft Building


Enjoy an Easter adventure with PGL!

We hope you and your family love our outdoor easter activities suggestions! If you like the sound of our activities at PGL, why not take a look at our outdoor adventure camps! At PGL, we have a range of adventure-filled camps over the school holidays, including multi-activity holidays, watersports camps and more. Our camps have been running for over 66 years! So, we know a thing or two about adventure. You can browse all of our children’s adventure holidays here.

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