10 ways an outdoor adventure residential can benefit children's mental health.

A young boy jumping off a high wooden platform to reach a trapeze bar

Adventure experiences in the great outdoors are not only lots of fun, but they provide significant mental health benefits too.

1. Green spaces can help to lower stress and anxiety - especially when they are experienced as part of a digital detox (leave the phones and selfie sticks at home!)

2. Interacting with nature can help children focus and become more receptive - away from the distractions of home and school life 

3. Relaxing in outdoor spaces can help reduce feelings of time pressure - it's a different environment to discover and explore

4. Overcoming outdoor challenges can develop resilience and mental toughness (a leap for the Trapeze bar at PGL (shown above) requires courage, determination and a positive attitude!)

5. Being in an unfamiliar environment together helps children connect with others - interacting with peers who may not necessarily be in their usual friendship groups

6. Acquiring new outdoor physical skills can promote a more positive self concept - a great chance for them to build confidence as they experience different ways to succeed

7. Structured outdoor activities can encourage receptiveness to new experiences - with the support and encouragement of those around them

8. The freedom of the outdoors allows time for reflection and understanding - it's a great way to get to know themselves a little better

9. Away from home distractions, attention can be directed to thoughts and feelings - what made them scared or excited and why?

10. Appreciation of the beautiful natural world can help promote a sense of wellbeing - fresh air, trees, wildlife; nothing beats a tranquil setting to put the mind at ease

Why not discover the benefits of an outdoor adventure experience as part of one of PGL residential school trips, group residential, summer camp or family holiday?

By PGL Travel.