Walking Taller with Adventure - building confidence in young people

Children cheering and clapping

As a group of nervous Year 6 pupils look up at the abseil tower with a mixture of excitement, fear and tentative bravado from some, it's an inspiring reminder of just how much young people can be transformed by the experience of trying something new.

Fast forward to the last activity of the week, and these same youngsters are brimming with enthusiasm, singing a repeat-after-me song at the top of their voices as they march through the wood, paddles raised in eager anticipation of the rafting lake and the adventures it has in store.

This is something we are privileged to see every day at PGL, as thousands of young people embark upon their own personal journey of development throughout their stay at PGL, and beyond.

Improved motivation, engagement and a positive attitude to tackle challenges with confidence, are just some of the benefits young people bring back from an adventure residential.

Firstly, there are the adventure activities. It might be conquering a fear of heights on the zip wire, braving the dark mazes of the tunnel trail or discovering a newfound talent for archery that brings out those feelings of success and achievement. With each new day, there are brand new challenges to overcome and another opportunity to build confidence with the support of their peers.

Then there's the residential environment itself. Eating together, sharing living space and spending time with each other encourages tolerance, consideration for others and self-reliance. For some, it may be their first time away from home and for many, it's a chance to see themselves in a new light.

As young people adapt to their unfamiliar environment (both socially and emotionally), away from the norms of school and home life, they become better equipped to deal with many other challenges they may face in life.

At PGL, we support and encourage young people to embrace these new experiences and the challenges they bring. Whether it's small words of encouragement to make that leap of faith for the trapeze bar, a helping hand at dinner or singing songs and sharing stories around the campfire at the end of the day, to us, there's nothing more rewarding than helping young people re-discover their self-belief and by the end of their stay, watching them walk a little taller.

By PGL Travel.

"Our residential week at PGL is one of the most important and long term effective activities that we do for our children. The confidence they gain, the sense of achievement they come away with, the fun they have and the social skills they develop are truly priceless. This is something they will remember for ever." Swinford CofE (VA) Primary School.

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