Aeroball is basically a cross between basketball and volleyball – on a trampoline!

It’s an unusual sport requiring good communication, teamwork – and lots of energy. Players each have their own trampoline base with mesh walls – this means the ball cannot go out of play so the game is fast. 

You need two teams of two players – with the aim being to get the ball into the opposition’s net. Players must work out how to time both their bounce and their shot to score. Defenders can match bounces with attackers to give the best chance of stopping the shot.

We usually have several matches on the go at the same time. Anyone not playing can help with scorekeeping, timing and even refereeing.

The children learn team tactics and communicate to improve  and support each other – usually with a lot of cheering.

What will we learn?

It’s a great activity for beginners as everyone can take part and may find their strengths in different roles.

As well as learning the rules of aeroball, players learn different strategies to improve their game and how to assess and control risks.

For individuals the game improves aim, balance and coordination.  As teams children learn to communicate and work together.

Some groups even take the data back to the classroom and look at scores, matches played and goal averages in their maths lessons!


Have a look at our video here:

Aeroball is available at all PGL centres in the UK.