Thinking about taking the family to Disneyland® Paris? If you’re wondering whether Disneyland is suitable for all of your children’s ages, we’ll explain why we think this magical kingdom has something to offer for everyone!


What age is Disneyland® Paris suitable for?

The great thing about Disneyland Paris is that it really does cater to families of all ages, not just the little ones as you might expect. The park offers exciting entertainment for toddlers, a range of attractions for those around the ages of 8 - 14, and then the biggest rollercoasters for anyone who dares! Who knows, maybe your younger ones will love the big rides too.


Disneyland Paris attractions for younger kids

Here are some of the most popular attractions at Disneyland Paris for your little ones.

It’s a small world

This ride is a Disney Classic! Hop on your boat and get ready to set sail. It’s a small world that passes through a range of world-famous landmarks featuring the iconic anthem of world peace. The boat moves slowly and steadily, giving you the perfect opportunity to observe everything around you. It’s the perfect immersive ride for any young child!

Peter Pan’s Flight

Similar to It’s a Small World, this ride allows your family to explore Neverland with the help of magic fairy dust! Your flying ship will make its way through the Darling children's bedrooms and lead you into Neverland as you look down on the land below! Keep your eyes out for Peter Pan, we’re sure you’ll see him somewhere.

Theatre Shows

Disneyland hosts many theatre shows throughout the day, featuring everyone’s favourite characters! If your children want to take a break from the rides, then heading to watch a show is a great idea. You’ll get to experience Disney characters singing and dancing around the stage performing some of the most wonderful Disney songs!

Meet & Greet

You can take your children to get up close with Disney characters, whether Spider-Man, Snow White, Mickey Mouse, or anyone else! Sometimes you can see them wandering around the park, or you can book a meet & greet. It’s usually always a wish for children to meet their favourite Disney characters when they go to Disneyland Paris, and it’s fantastic that the park provides the opportunity to do so.


Disneyland Paris attractions for older kids

Have some older children coming along? No problem! Determining what age is best for Disneyland Paris is super tough because we don’t think there is one age that’s able to experience the magical world of Disney better than anyone else. Here’s exactly why the older kids and adults have it great at Disneyland Paris too!

Avengers Assemble: Flight Force

This is one of Disneyland Paris’ newest rides, and it’s a real thrill! Team up with Iron Man and Captain Marvel and you fly through space on a mission to save the planet. This ride is full of mega twists and high-speed turns — so strap in and get ready to take flight!

Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain

Over in Discoveryland, you’ll find Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain — another epically speedy ride. Disney is out-of-this-world at creating immersive experiences for its guests, and this is a prime example. As you shoot off into hyperspace, you’ll disappear into darkness and then become surrounded by flashing lights that mimic the stars in the galaxy, before being caught in the middle of dogfight between the resistance’s X-wings and the Empire’s TIE fighters! 

Big Thunder Mountain

Another favourite at Disneyland is Big Thunder Mountain, which can be found at Frontierland. You’ll be sat in a runaway mine cart as it climbs steep heights and comes falling down at immense speed. How long will this mysterious train journey last, and can you handle plummeting through darkness into pitch-black caves?


A Disney weekend adventure for all ages with PGL!

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