Are you struggling to think of what to wear to Disneyland® Paris? Don’t worry, because we’ll go through everything you’ll need for all kinds of weather! What clothes to take to Disneyland Paris also depends on the time of year that you’re visiting. So let’s see how we can help.


What to wear to Disneyland® Paris in general

These tips are for any time of the year! Rain or shine, these are super important. 

Casual Clothes

Wear clothes that you feel most comfortable in. After all, you’ll be doing a lot of walking around the park so maybe jeans/pants and a t-shirt might be the best for you.

Comfortable shoes/trainers

As we mentioned, you’ll be doing lots of walking at Disneyland. The park is huge! So make sure to wear your comfiest shoes or trainers so you can explore all the attractions around the park.

Disney costumes/accessories for the little ones

Lots of children will be dressed up at Disneyland, whether it’s with some Micky Mouse ears, a full princess costume, or maybe a buzz lightyears costume! So if your kids fancy looking like their favourite Disney character, they’ll fit right in!


What to wear to Disneyland Paris in the summer

When you’re deciding what clothes to take to Disneyland for your family, here are a few things we recommend to bring if you’re experiencing the wonderful world of Disneyland in the summer!


In the peak summer months Disneyland Paris can get up to temperatures of 25ºC, so don’t forget to wear shorts so you can keep as cool as you can when you’re exploring the wonders of Disney. 

Light clothing

It’s always worth bringing a jumper/rain jacket to put in your bag (just in case it rains), but other than that light clothing is the best for these hot times. T-shirts, short sleeved tops and more of those types of clothes will be best. 


Protect your arms and legs throughout the day with sun cream, especially in the hot weather. If you don’t usually wear shorts and short sleeved tops then suncream is super important. Keep you and your little ones topped up as the day goes on and you’ll be safe and sound!


Beneficial for two reasons! If you don’t like the sun in your eyes then a cap will protect your from that, and it’ll also help stop the sun from burning your head and face. You could even bring a Disney-themed cap and add a whole new level to your outfit!


What to wear to Disneyland Paris in the winter

It can get a little bit chilly walking around Disneyland Paris in the winter, so make sure to wrap up warm. Here are some items that we recommend you bring!


It’s best to bring a few layers for the winter, so even if you prefer to wear a coat over a jumper/fleece, or the other way around, it’s worth bringing both just in case it gets really cold in the evening. A jumper is perfect for keeping warm throughout the day when the sun is still shining on a winter day, but the temperature is still very chilling!


Don’t let your ears get cold! A woolly hat will keep you nice and toasty alongside your other warm clothes. You can wrap up your body as much as you want, but nothing will protect your ears like a woolly hat can!


This is probably the most important item. A nice warm winter coat is essential for exploring Disneyland Paris in the winter. The last thing you want to be thinking about is being cold, you want to be seeing the sights of Disneyland all day long without having to think about the weather, and a coat will help you do that!

Warm pants/trousers

Trousers, jeans, or any kind of long pants are ideal for winter at Disneyland. If it’s forecast to rain then jeans might not be the best option — the best would be any kind of waterproof or resistant trousers to keep you dry.


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