Why take your group away for a residential trip in the spring or autumn?

A group of young people cheering and clapping

Choosing either spring or autumn for your residential trip can make a lot of sense as these times of year are usually more affordable than 'peak' summer dates, have good availability and still offer all the same great benefits.

But, what are the benefits of a residential trip for your group - and how do you ensure that you are getting the best value when cost is such a major consideration?

If you're looking for an all-inclusive trip, it's a good idea to start by comparing the basics. Are food and accommodation included, suitable for the cooler weather? Will there be enough activities to keep young people engaged all day and into the evening? Is the provider equipped to operate indoors as well as outdoors? And, most importantly, are there risk assessments and safety management systems in place to ensure everything is being done to make the environment as safe as possible for everyone?

Of course, these are not the only considerations. A great residential trip should enable young people to participate in activities, engage with their environment, develop skills, self-awareness, confidence and a sense of responsibility for themselves and others.

The benefits of this type of experience for young people are far reaching, although some may be apparent almost immediately. They might have learnt to kayak, tried new foods or overcome a fear of heights; they might return with significantly improved self-esteem and independence - or all of the above!

Other benefits, such as improved decision-making, self-confidence and communication skills, may only reveal themselves in the longer-term, as young people draw upon the experience when they return to their everyday lives at school, college and home.

Ensuring that adventurous outdoor activities are included in your residential trip gives young people the chance to try activities they may otherwise not experience and spring and autumn are both lovely seasons to be outdoors. Seasons of change, they reflect the transformative impact a residential trip can have on the lives of young people.

Whether it be bright and breezy spring days or sparkling frosty autumn mornings, both seasons provide stunning backdrops to the experience as well. What could be better than toasting marshmallows around a campfire in the autumn or seeing the first buds appearing on the trees while you navigate around the orienteering course?

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By PGL Travel.