Why choose PGL?

We're altogether different... 

  • Unique holidays that are all about 'being a family'
  • Over 60 years of activity holiday experience
  • Great value, inclusive prices
  • Wide choice of holidays and locations
  • Specialist adventure centres 
  • PGL Family Adventures - Family Activity Holidays - Why Choose PGL? - Essential Information

Because adventure matters

It's fun, it's exhilarating. A real hoot with your family.

It's also a bit different, more challenging, outside your comfort zone. A treasured experience, that's talked about and remembered.

Being away from home, trying new things, gaining confidence, making new friends, being more self reliant, being encouraged to grow.

Enjoying the freedom of the outdoors.

When it comes to growing up and spending time together as a family, we think that these things aren't just important - they're essential!

But you already know that. You're a parent.

That's why we believe 'adventure matters'. It's why we're here.

Why should you choose PGL for your family?

Do you want a holiday that everyone can enjoy together? Something that's fun, stimulating and full of great family memories? With PGL Family Adventures, that's exactly what you get. We have over 60 years' experience in running activity holidays and creating special memories that last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Get altogether more for your family this year with a Family Adventures holiday from PGL! If you still feel you need some more information about PGL to make sure it is the right choice for you and your children, we've put together four great reasons why you should choose PGL...