Ski Leader Guide

Hotel classification

Hotel classifications, where stated, are those awarded by the local Tourist Board and may vary from UK standards.

We will only use accommodation which meets or exceeds our minimum standards and any exception will only be used in agreement with the Party Leader.

Accommodation arrangements

All ski tours are booked on a full board basis to include a continental breakfast, packed or hot lunch (depending on the hotel) and a three-course evening meal; tap water is always available at meal times.

We ask hotels to provide “child friendly” food, however you can expect to see local dishes on the menu during the week. What we do request is a balanced meal and sufficient quantities to feed hungry children.

Room arrangements

Rooms are allocated based on the party composition supplied on the final forms.

Teachers are accommodated in twin or triple rooms and students in single sex, multi-bedded rooms.

It is common in many hotels for twin beds to be of the ‘Austrian Twin’ type. This consists of a large bed base with two mattresses, two sets of bedding and two duvets. They are used commonly throughout the Alps as ordinary twins.We do not expect members of your group to share double beds. Single rooms are limited and if requested, will incur a supplement.

If you have any special room requests, be sure to let your Tour Organiser know as soon as possible. Room requests for additional adults and for families cannot be guaranteed.

We endeavour to allocate each group’s rooms in the same area of the hotel; however, at peak times this may not possible. We will ensure that a teacher room is always located near to student rooms.

Your room allocation will be provided by the hotel around one week prior to arrival but may be as late as the day before. This is especially the case with larger hotels.

Special diets

Hoteliers do their best to accommodate gluten- and lactose-free diets; however, access to good quality alternative products can be limited in the mountains.

We recommend you bring provisions with you, such as bread, pasta, snacks and soya milk, which can be stored at the hotel during the week.

It’s important that you liaise with the kitchen staff on arrival to highlight the people with special requests and understand their system for meals.

It is unlikely that strict Halal and Kosher diets can be catered for on ski tours so we advise anyone adhering to such strict diets to choose the vegetarian option for the duration of the trip.

Please bear in mind that none of our hotels are nut free and will probably serve nuts during your stay. If you have someone travelling with you with a severe nut allergy, it is the responsibility of the Party Leader to liaise with the kitchen at each meal to see which food is safe to eat. Your PGL rep can assist you with these arrangements.

Damage deposits

Some hotels will ask for damage or key deposits (between €350 and €500) to be paid in euros at the beginning of your stay.

These deposits will be returned on your last day once the room keys are returned and rooms have been checked for damage. We will advise you of the details for your specific hotel on your confirmation and rooming details.